Tuesday, February 3, 2015

what you don't know will hurt you( on the way to bim bomb bay)

-I go instantly to Wikipedia..
to give you, dear reader a definition of what "Slow Kill" means
and remember I was asked to take down the definition  about 3 or so months ago
.and now when I go to look up a definition for "Slow Kill"(hands off remote directed energy at an individuals cortex to incite hallucinations hopefully interpreted as madness...or better yet a successful suicide based upon this all American form of terrorism against "the scum of society...those such as your narrator.OUR HERO! who is me.

 - under enormous stress ..as one being "hit"
 by "hand's off"
 is not supposed to speak of technology that can "do this handiwork on an individual remotely...as odd as it may seem- one who speaks of Psychotronic Torture is "in breach".
..meaing one who screams about what is being done to them or types to the "mavericks " Facebook and Blogger pass my jottings to....do nothing..
                                                     but watch..
.                                      amused perhaps as those who enjoyed Trainspotting
                                                    watching the cattle cars of vermin TOOT TOOT along the tracks..
and what tracks that have been laid
here and now
are invisible ..........
                                                          but powerful enough to transmit information
                                                          that allows you to read this now ..

I myself do not believe in wireless
I do not see it
so to me  it does not exist.

much like you do not believe ,
in things I discuss in my jottings.
the sheer amount of entries doth indicate ..."he is a Man obsessed...
                                                                           he is "one of those" types
                                                                               oh dear reader ,,,I is not offended
                                                                I too would 'gage" one who writes with such fervor
                                                                about such strange matters
                                                                              just as you do.....
excuse me dear reader while I type directly to
the bastions that protect
a good citizen like you dear reader
from wackos like me
excuse me as I "type" directly
the nightwatch that is Blogger
casing the "point"

and sending my "red flags"
up the river
down the Potomac...
yes you dear.......one the look out
covering the waterfront
and Homefront
that "fronts' as the land of liberty
-do not for one moment you are any better or different than them who watched
and knew
 who did nothing
would I write about what was done to me COULD I write so questionably curious
Synthetic Insanity.....
......................or what THEY call Synthetic telepathy...(look it up dear)
but maybe not..
or you too
be quarried in this new and usual way of why you went poking around that subject...

"you sure better not believe in an afterlife.
or retribution for crimes so unholy and un -natural
in their device and design.....
that if there is a G-d..he is busily building a new special version of hell
for types
such as you.(not you dear....your just doing your job hon)
so much for a few good men...
                                        nor any sonatas written for "A Good Man'
              do not think for a moment that what you are participating in
 serves any purpose concerning Homeland Security
as you have perverted
this "Homeland" in such a way
that this land no longer "seems to be a Home " at all
what exactly ,may I ask,are we securing here? but a surveillance society we previously
lauded ourselves sssssssssupa' Powa" that
did no such thing...as watching .watching watching..

hey babe...you with the pony tail..and beige blouse..yeah you ,new at Facebook reading 'red flag" jottings
 and them passing them on to "Homeland"
I think your hair looks better down..
less Stanford Grad student more slit skirt go getter..woooof.......I see you ya' know...the camera goes both ways...
why hasn't it occurred to you I am simply
seeing if you can properly keep watch..
   there's a new mean-ness in me..
that is part and parcel of being Imbued with Hate..
from "over Here"......
You,,,presuming there's some YOu watching endless scrolls of
questionable content ....know nothing about where this
is coming from...and neither do I...not really,,,why take it out on you..I don't have any ...kindness left,,,it seems to fight back....this energy of judgment..served to me...minute to minute...
do others? I read Targeted individuals posts and find in them the same venom....and watch them drift
slowly ...slow kill into less and less of themselves,,,apathy..
a 'who cares"
but who really cares what's on anothers mind

?really..even If I wanted to get into Shakespeare's mind...well he was only Shakespeare when he was writing...Picasso only Picasso when painting ...Einstein ,,,etc were only Einstein .some times...the rest of the time ...they spent their days opening door knobs ...chewing on a turkey leg...blowing their nose....wondering if a ring of moisture from their glass not being on a coaster was going to leave a ring...and "gosh" my wife will getprettyangrymaybei'dbetter bu..bvl;,sr,l;  ny her some flowers...m  bsebqenbeqr[an...nothing
in the end...is left.
of a mind read to...scanned..
and reprimanded ...for THINKING all wrong...
just shoot me...
seriously "team"
it's all I wish for now..
and you know
this much
is true.

My definition of "Slow Kill"removed
so those seeking the terminology is sent to sites
  rife  with illuminati triangles!  blue neon waves nipping at someone's pate!...or any of the other deliberately garish "oh no,oh no"
the New World Order..is HERE!

these terms such as New World Order ..and the mystic/ occult./eye in the sky /eye on a pyramid.etc
representations....of some great conspiracy were conceived to intentionally be so "Twilight Zone-esque  that one approaching
or seeking for  scientific research, academic thesis...about genuine
 masked, agendas themselves purposely parlayed in  "smoke and mirrors  diversion"
of a word that means everything and absolutely nothing whatsoever simultaneously and quite deliberately
a card trick a convulsion meant to be both obvious and discrete
an Easter egg hunt with portions of the bright painted egg..peeping through the blades of grass
 a deception wrapped in a  truth wrapped in a true lie ...Television,pop music,the internet.
 Pop Culture
helps the "machine" of  Conspiracy Theory  thrive as a belief  of
that if my eyes don't deceive me there's something going on around here"
(oh my did I just see a skull and bones and winking eye in that video...tis' da' illuminati at work")
what is at work however is Plausible Contrivance-ie

books are purposely published to cheapen the "The New Way"
and through proliferation of certain contrivances
 the term "New World Order' has been sequestered to the "Land of Loony" litany.

try it sometimes...speaking to someone about "The New World Order" and watch their body language. What yourself be reclassified in their mind as "Oh.He's One of those types"

as for the term "The New World Order"

to properly describe
"power Brokers" , "backroom bargaining", handshake deals. Corruption concerning financing (essentially buying a a senator or congressman) is about as Old World Order as can be
Old World Order
and  the media being a key feature (and a well paid feature) to allow and cause a populace to not see what one hand is doing by keeping the populace focused on trivial matters
was once done with papyrus read by firelight about the damnations due if one
didn't follow "the fold'
and next elaborate stories ,"media events" concerning matters dumbed down enough to be understood by the citizenry
it is quite Old World to be concerned that
s Kim Kardashian tweeting  that she- ate a banana that was not fully ripe..and that thanks to this event she might never eat a banana again. Ever!

as for the term The New World Order
controlling the masses with diversion and "gifting" of for instance week -ends off
and just peculiar ideations presented
that Winter....somehow-is the most wonderful time of the year 
ask any man or woman sleeping on the street or a park bench how they feel about
"it's the most wonderful time of the year"

but the subject was not homeless people
most people do not care that much about homeless people..
in fact most people have been convinced DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO HOMELESS PEOPLE
as it encourages them...
to perhaps buy a bottle of Vodka .
...........so what?
            why in Christ's name wouldn't they..
I lived on the streets off and on for sometime
        in many ways it was a hell of a lot better than being "kept"
         by another man
           who only want to "help you"
                  so long as they can suck your dick when ever they want.
at least on the street...it's quick...in a car...40 bucks...and you don't have to ever look in the guy's eyes
always there to remind you
of the piece of garbage you are....
because of this Monarch Project..that intentionally broke you into pieces
why? cause the god damn Russians were doing it
now they don't know what to do with me..or the other Boys from da' Mill
who unfortunately grew up...
and aren't quite "Quickie in a Car"case-ings

and the nerve of someone being "ripped to bits"
actually writing about The Monarch project...or ritualized abuse
..AND biotech
ain't exactly winning me no favors
Human Experimentation...is something people don't want one used as lab rat talking nor speaking of..

which brings us back to
what is the definition of "Slow Kill"?
the definition I had written for Wikipedia...that has since been removed
if you look up it's meaning I can guarantee you will be directed to https and .0rgs
with words like  the illuminati is Here!the new world order is NOW...you'll see the words MIND CONTROL victim speaks out on Cell tower Terror!
the site will look what I refer to as Jukt Micronics
quite purposely.

how do I know this
because it was previously my job to create these web sites to deliberately look maudlin enough
that no web surfer would trust what ever pertinent information
was "hidden" with in the deliberately "Wavy Gravey" deliberately cheap looking background foreground

what is a slow kill?
a slow kill is when THEY DO in fact hurt you and fiddle with your mental acuities with
electromagnetic transmissions
Artificial Intelligence created and sponsored financially by the same maniacs that have nearly
destroyed the world and it's resources fresh air,oceans etc already.
the same "Royal Lineage" of  "American Masters" whose great great grandfathers once were Masters of Plantations and those forced to work  on these rural empires..
the some robber barons. And carpet baggers and CEO who drove investment firms into rubble and ran off with 30 millions dollars ahead of "the crash"

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