Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"might be a good idea," Evan Imparts
if one reminded his readers
the narrator of this 'account" (who was told to not write in 3rd person,as it might CONFUSE a reader..that one is writing anything but fiction)
is a man not to be trusted...
concerning his documentation of said events..

"yeah Evan,might be a good idea if "this narrator" gave much of a damn anymore
what you and the rest of "my team"/"my Mentors"
did tome any longer

and with that thought Evan explains The peculiar way Me and "my kind' were raised
was not done maliciously
and that 'it wasn't personal" -just empirical in scope and nature...
and tell me else might we have made any Imprints STICK without aspects of incremental
Ritualized Abuse huh?
and tell me Dumbo without
you being raised "a real wild child"
do you really think you could have survived this far
being a Human Lab Rat for A.I. and B.C.I.?
absolutely not...
and that instead of this bitterness perhaps I might show a bit of appreciation
for the time and expense many players
took to alter my mindset in such a way
I might be prepared to test Advanced Technologies

Evan next imbues in me a diatribe of many ancient cultures who
quite deliberately "placed their children " in Harm's Way
to make them Warriors and also be forced to develop aspects of their "reptile" mind
as only children encouraged or forced
to SEEK mystic like Entity
develop a necessary "kinship"
with "otherworldliness"
and trust me Dumbo if you had not learn to "go there"
there'd be no f*ckin' way you'd have been able to
deal the 350,000 biosensors that make you "such a fun toy"


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