Friday, February 13, 2015

cole's jail cell was nice
actually 40 square feet larger than his studio apartment
there were cameras everywhere
which to Cole simply, after a while just added  elements of modernity to the dwelling

cole sometimes thought about how his Visage was pixelated to his wards
and "in the beginning " attempted
to self monitor his posture..

in time he thought less and less of about this traditional form of monitoring
and missed
interior monitoring
that allowed for
and exchange of thoughts and imagery with his "Mandlers"

suicide according to Gary Rainy
was contrition
an apology
for all the bad thoughts Cole had
Gary Rainy believed that just killing Ruiners "was good enough"
that Ruiners must be tortured physically
so their spirits
would be encouraged not to
Come Back and latch upon
more prudent ..souls..
sometimes ,even with the cameras on Cole hurt himself
to "make up" for his
thoughtless Thoughts


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