Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Hypothalamus and Miss Jones

   " Recently we recorded the activity of neurons in an area within the hypothalamus dedicated to socio-sexual behaviour. This  neural activity was observed when participants inserted with Merge biotecho were set up to experience a "chance meeting" with a "type" based on their Neural Reads concerning only broadcast images through traditional format(tv and movies) that produced peak synaptic excitement  concerning sexual arousal. To discover if prolonged  arousal could be stimulated for long enough intervals a future consumer to enjoy. Previously we believed we  could count primarily on broadcast images to another immersed  in simulated sexual fantasies based only on" imaginary intimacy" but found discrepancies indicating arousal depended more on aspects of persuasion than transmitted visual data.  We decided to use actors who resembled the subject's "object of affections, the" data of attraction" was based on interfaced signalship transmitted via a Proxy's  biosensors based on Neural Data a recorded image "excited" in the  Proxy's visual cortex .Researchers were surprised  that the primary neural activity when placed face to face with a stimuli was based not on visual perception but upon certain hormones such as Dopamine ,Adrenalin and Oxytocin that depended not so much of the physical characteristics of the "placed stimuli" but the more intangible nuances of the "placed stimuli" concerning receptors in the Proxy's thalamus that had little to do with response to appearance but with whom the placed person based upon the actor or actress reminded the Proxy of in his or her Real Time sexual desires ,conquests or crushes even aspects "of desire unrequited.This discovery was observed  by the often complex task of  the "re-pixilation of sections "inner mind" based imagery from acquired bio-signals  that doubled back again and again form interfaced 'sexual rendition"  to the memory center of a Proxy thus proving that "looks" only went so far in keeping another engaged sexually .It seems the Proxy 's hormones could only  be triggered by more difficult to define "qualities" concerning for instance the way an actor moved or enunciated that reminded the Proxy of someone who in most cases in no way resembled the caliber of "Fantasy Figure" we expected concerning appearance and thus appeal. This recent findings establish that there is a brain region where aroused sexual state and interaction with transmitted images directly upon one "app-ed" for straight to Cortex Immersive Reality might have to rely more upon investigating the consumer's sexuality based upon memory and even perhaps intangible aspects of  "love and "even like"- for Straight to Cortexual Pornography to work as product and service.-V.Prentis (Parasol Pictures)

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