Friday, February 20, 2015

Blinded me .with .Science.

"привет Spaceboy,"
Evan graphs..
he knows .
 I cannot even  stare into  space...nor .any crevice ... nor .any fold in a blanket ....without seeing something transposed
upon whatever my eyes .
 take in....

"is this my function?' to be some neural waylay station   concerning my "art that you constantly mock as ....
scribble scramble any child can do
pr any mental patient given a crayon....," I graph.

'Oh yes  Dumbo.....every little bit of Aberrant Thinking helps...You ,the Patriot....who must  realize by now
 every moment he choses to live another day....and open his eyes...he is helping us develop a method of driving another incrementally insane ...blink by let's cool it with the self righteous bullshit...or you woulda' taken a long walk off a short pier months ago.."Evan graphs.

' ahhhh and here I was thinking we were building Paradise...," I graph sarcastically.

"all of you Deviant Aberrants  are help us refine our techniques...
Helping us  perfect variations concerning ...Synthesized Madness ...all those  variations of lunacy collected
to be used on other Unresolvable with their Jewie Thinking...'

I am confused that all Evan's explanations that this unwanted interface was to be used for "a new type of Tv...a new format of save lost souls in comas and incapacitation of the musculature...and spinal column....I am aware every thought I have is read by Evan and proxy Cy...and hope that he senses some appreciation -that he's finally cutting to "the chase"

'oh no Dumbo.  the "chase" has hardly begun...I just want you to cut the self righteous nonsense all you Jews have. If only for a moment ...and see if you are willing to alter your predisposition...this predisposition all you Jews have  to resist any philosophy and predisposition that of course a group of Lessors driven out and out again and again from superior tribes that sensed your" Less than " genetic design that Of course You Jews "perverted " into a notion of "Chosen"..this intellectual inward based thought that Jew' might take for intelligence but We who have taken you under our wing to discover if an inferior Leper can change his "type"  ...if  a Group Mentality NOT based on thousands of years of being caste out of villages   collecting endless Latch Upons of Emanations and Entities that know that vermin make for the best type of nibblings ...... this group ,this movement that you whine has risked it's own contaminations "taking  you" to save you and attempt to convert you and absolve you of your Lessor ness-only  wants  you to  make a decision .to become  accept our  challenge to see if we might  somehow get you to renounce your affiliations with the vermin  based  tribe it was not your fault to be born into and perhaps move up the Scale of Human Evolve  with Mentorship that seeks only to lead you away from and toward a less  ungainly  paradigm of Species-dom...away froma Stle of beingship that prides themselves in "their separatism" which to Neuronautics and Gary Rainy  only is indicative of Aberration  ..are you a resolvable "case" or one  that can begin assimilating himself  to the type of thought and degree of ego-less-ness that  The New Way  does not just desire but requires?...those who do Join Us and Play their part ...and are willing to lose their dissonance  and Jewie Thinking  to a Collective Whole who one such as you must recognize as Your Bettors that you might learn from and humble yourself to?
 if you cannot let go of your 
resistance to be "part of the herd....and be satisfied with whatever your rank and circumstance have preordained you status to be in this Hive Minded "buzz" we call society.and never forget That "the future is Ours...and this future "that is Ours " will be free or weeds and deviant that Science -ideology based method and due process has proved is indeed communicable in nature concerning brain signal  be it amplified by technology or not...It is "up to You Dumbo" to  prove by the  categorical  collected Neural Reads from your Brain Computer Interface if  you can rectifying some of deviant notions concerning, for instance- art as "assault" rather than art as décor
...You might feel you have a right a to attempt to spread your sickness of mind to others with your ill an attempt  to spread your  diseased Emanations to others. ...
 THIS Dumbo
 is not a philosophical discussion ..but warning that you had better cease your attack on the Science -ideologies of Neuronautics or you will  not just be  Fair Game to us but Prey

.I know Dumbo ,that you cannot help but "think back " to me in a manner that is not tainted with the type of sarcasm "your kind" has always used to build yourself up,
 intuitively knowing
 you have no  other outlet but Puff Fish like  Reactives
 to shield your Ill Mind from Knowing one is Lesser on the Evolutionary Scale of Beingship.

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