Thursday, February 19, 2015

a deliberately soothing voice 'reminds me" I am not allowed to write nor speak about certain Imbues 'my team" does to me...and I think to "the voice" you must be outta your mind...if THEY think I  am to "just take Psychotronic torture ...." done to me  so Proxy Cy can fulfill certain contractual obligations
....and not document abuses....and to be more blunt
 criminal acts .........................Hands off or not....the Voice,this annoying computerized voice ...
.meant ,it seems to me to provide or "incite " in me  some  type of "professional distance" from "this adventure".

...explains to me...that-
 "it is in my best interest" to not discuss some of the more unseemly Tests "they must do" ....and I think and thus 'graph" .
."No Way"...and
.I won't bring these "certain aspects " Up again.
            ...but "who the fuck are THEY..
.to be able to 'do" anything they want to me....and expect me "to be cool about " it....or silent about it.
.the voice raves on about "my civic duties and responsibilities

" and I turn on the 3 white noise machines I keep in my room
..                               ..A room which is "not really mine
"....not just "this" room
               but anywhere I go
...I am haunted.
."my Team"has seen to that.

"....Civic Duty? are you kdding me"?I graph.
..I know I will end up taking down the previous do they...-----------------------

---but the more this goes on...the less and less I have a sense I will "be around' much longer.
..and although what I write might not be believed NOW..One day.----------..'Suddenly I am actually called by my actual name ..not Elroy or one of the men I met face to face when 'I was tagged".. who graphs

 may I describe certain "things" that for reasons I know damn well not "to go into"

 I may "leave it alone"
 but I am not to believe I may "go into any specifics" about "certain renditions'
.....or I may be considered Treasonous..and nobody really cares that "you have a reason" for Treason
...For the most part ."..we are Fair with you and GO OUT OF OUR WAY to be make "the fun of it" outweigh the bad
so nightmares ...tonight
....You Win this round
 ...but don't push it ...understand lover?

...I understand ...enough
 I graph back.
.but anyone has - to protect their own back .
...and all I have is this damn little computer.
..and the shit you spiked me with
...and there's just so much a guy will do "concerning Civic Duty"
 before he completely TURNS.

...."there's nowhere you can turn buddy....if you turn on US....we'll just make you disappear.....
and perhaps that 'skinning you alive" Imbue ....might be "more than just "graph" ....this tech means a fuck of a lot more than any one guy
more than a millions "one guys" OK.
OK.I graph.
"you don't really mean that stuff about "the skinning of me alive....."I graph.
but I do not  hear
 a graph back.


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