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Who is a person and what every person is entitled to depends on context and social norms

A nonperson is a citizen or a member of a group who lacks, loses, or is forcibly denied social or legal status, especially basic human rights, or who effectively ceases to have a record of their existence within a society , from a point of view of traceability, documentation, or existence.(Wikipedia)

A Soviet "nonperson" vanishes: commissar Nikolai Yezhov retouched after falling from favor and being executed in 1940.
Some common ways in which people become nonpersons are:
  • Never having been sufficiently documented as existing
  • Loss or deletion of the trail of documentation so that the specific person can no longer easily be linked to a documentary record or cannot be shown officially to have existed
  • Covert abduction by government or other bodies combined with plausible deniability
  • Long-term absence or other circumstances leading to an incorrect belief and legal documentation that they have died
  • Death, when it is unverifiable and left as an open case as to what happened
  • Fraudulent reporting of a person as having died when they have not (which can happen for economic reasons in many countries, a form of fraud)
  • Marginalized or homeless people who live without cash or formal abode and do not appear on official records

Legal status

Asserting that someone is a nonperson is implicitly a normative statement; by doing so, it is implied simultaneously that the person referred to is entitled to the rights that any person should have. Who is a person and what every person is entitled to depends on context and social norms. In the recent past police referred to non persons (Homosexuals, Hispanics, Afro -Americans, the Homeless or Mentally ill ) in radio dispatches as "non person"
There are many possible meanings associated with the term nonperson.

Prison camps

In Nazi extermination camps, Jewish people and Romani were treated as nonpersons. The purpose of these camps was to systematically dehumanize these "unwanted elements", use them where possible, and dispose of them efficiently.
"Nonperson" status was required because it removed the moral and social obstacles for committing otherwise objectionable acts including Human Experimentation.

Unofficially missing people
Main article: Forced disappearance
Some people are covertly held by governments or other bodies, and effectively cease to exist. This has happened in dictatorial regimes such as Chile under Pinochet, the USSR, and fascist Spain. It was also the guiding strategy behind the Nazi government's policy in Western Europe. To dodge pointed questions regarding supposedly democratically controlled governments covertly holding people or employing torture, plausible deniability of knowledge might be used. The existence of ghost detainees in a secret *** prison system is an example of this.
To an extent, this is made both easier and harder by technology* – easier because reliance upon technology is such that if a person's information is electronically deleted or was never stored in that manner they effectively cease to exist; harder because during every stage of a person's life from birth to death the accumulation of bureaucratic transactions makes it more and more likely that they will leave an official record somewhere.

*To the extent that covert technology can be used to detain another is the subject of this blog.
It is both in my best interest
and possibly -now I realize -worst interest -
to attempt to minimize the plight of Targeted Individuals by attempting to modify the incredible sophistication and implementation of so called Advanced Technologies to attempt to engage a reader
who has not been "taken".
If I were to write of Psychotronic Testing (and to refer to 'this' as testing is equally misleading as "this work" has been "being tested" for 25 to 30 years....I guarantee THEY know much more than ever needed to about Thresholds of the Human Psyche.
Many Targeted Individuals keep records (as blogs, as online journals)of their accounts of something unfathomable to even those who "live' with a "tether"daily.
Every few months I realize I like others targeted for "Monitoring" are helping "the system "by recording our situation...THIS.IS WHAT HAPPENS.TO THOSE .WHO ------
Maybe it is some last vestige of pride that often forces me to add more grist to the LIE that "no, this is not happening "and if it is...
Oh what a pleasure! It is not
.It is a terror I and other TIs live with daily.

who are we ? who or what is a Targeted Individual? We are everywhere in "the social media". And nowhere in the "real"media(the news). We write...We no longer care or think it matters if anyone believes us...for the most part our lives have been destroyed. To even our closest relatives and friends we are Unreliable Narrators. Our situation ,even to ourselves is beyond our own comprehension..(so much of "it" is purposely convoluted. The term for "it " is synthetic telepathy and Tele-Presence..we are made to see I write I wonder if there is anyway to write this that does not READ crazy..but why should it seems the entire point of this "modern marvel" was created precisely to drive another mad....but slowly..the term in fact for Psychotronic "Torture is "a slow kill")we "hear" words and words.(More than any mind should or perhaps could.. Of course we write .it is a side effect. Because "the ordeal" is so calculated. THIS must have been presumed...
but I wonder if we are doing THEM a favor.
writing about IT
and what happens to people who "make" themselves"  Non Persons "for any number of reasons.-Cole Cohen 3/12/13


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