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A Bushel and a Peck (1961-1976) Roasted Mules/Safety in Umbers

"There's  nothing like seeing an actress or actor on TV who resembles an individual close to a "subject" to evoke a CUES and Subconscious Referential Thought .
Also a "look alike  of said actress or actor  placed in view as "Street Theater" or guidepost also may CUE a subject's thoughts toward whatever traits or symbol this "type"(this actor or actress) represents in a  subject's consciousness and subconscious mind.
 "Haven't we Met Someplace Before ?  CUES---of the "You Remind me of Someone" " variety force a subject to subconsciously recall whatever variable the "placed person" was meant to represent -to help an individual reinstate already introduced  Associations and Ingrains..these associations might also be further Instilled upon a Mass Audience  by allotting   Variance  to certain actors concerning " the parts we all must play to establish uniformity rather than incongruity of  a Collective Mind "... in the "themes" these specific actors "play" as televised broadcasts of "familiars"further connect the Individualized Mind to the Collective Coherency precipitated by Televised Variable Allocation( let x=x programming and thus Ingrains) ...songs, logos and other means of Collective Association can also imbue upon another a feeling of ,"not being alone in one's point of view towards the world -Gary Rainy "Ingrains" Chapter 2-" Film and TV as Variable"


Rosemary Woodhouse: I thought you were Victoria Vetri, the actress.


Terry Gionoffrio: That's OK. Everybody thinks I'm Victoria. I don't see the resemblance, though

there is a lot of "slippage" that occurs during a Brain Computer Interface ,no matter if there is a time delay(which is not often use as it's fall back guise "schizophrenia" does not often prenet with such "glitches"...
that I am not supposed to Glean....
and perhaps not write...
I am a transparent man..
I was raised by actors....whose function was not to BE parents but technicians
That's how Gary Rainy wanted it and my parents were indebted and beholden to Neuronautics
for financial reasons and restitution not only for their "loans" giving by the "Church" but also compensation to raise non biological children in a ritualistic manner..
I cannot undo these bizarre "Ingrains " as they were all my childhood and my conception was for...

They wanted Jewish children to be raised by parents who were not just Anti Semitic...but sociopathic (who else agrees under any duress financial or otherwise ) to "Play Parents"?
My sister was not adopted but raised as a "Jewess"
Neuronautics  felt they needed a Jewish Spokesperson "for the cause"
as the Jews ,Gary felt would be the main buttress and constituency that would according to Gary Rainy would ,"bring all THAT up AGAIN" concerning a New Way of Leadership that insisted on
Group Thought rather than what Gary Rainy called Civil Liber-liabilities.

Rachel Cohen ,my sister was groomed to be
actor Adam Parker's wife
even before she was born- Cole Cohen 9/31/14



:  a brown earth that is darker in color than ocher and sienna because of its content of manganese and iron oxides and is highly valued as a permanent pigment either in the raw or burnt state

a :  a moderate to dark yellowish brown

b :  a moderate brown
, from Latin umbra — more at umbrage

UMBER,origon of word

probably from obsolete English, shade, color, from Middle English ombre, umbre shade, shadow, from Anglo-French, from Latin umbra — more at umbrage


noun \ˈəm-brij\
: a feeling of being offended by what someone has said or done


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