Sunday, October 19, 2014

visiting day weekend /hotdog (1978)

(standardizing brain signal" reads" into common language)
visiting day weekend 1978..i was ten.
my 3rd stepmother and her new boyfriend had fought to have
visiting rights   as "Kate" ,as she liked being called said she considered me "her son"..even if she had known me only 2 and a half years...somehow ...she won not every other week end visits but once monthly visits..Kate ,as she liked being called (demanded being called not mom or mother)like I said was what they called "Living With" not married to a man I'd met before named Earnie who Kate said I should just call "uncle".I had met Ernie before ,as Ernie was the reason for the 3rd divorce...Everyone "in the family' back in the 70's were still practicing Neuronauts...but NOBODY "practiced" some of the practices of Neuronautics like Uncle Ernie did concerning "Child Steering Techniques" 
I was therefore reluctant to visit Kate but "order's were orders and I was sent with my little vinyl "visiting Day" suitcase along..
as with my other step parents/real parents married to stepparents etc ...ectra.Visiting Days were all about eating too much ice creame ,them buying you comic books and most of all seeing movies your day to day parents forbid you to see cuz they were inappropriate ..rated R.
this forbidden -ness seemed to be all the more reason for Kate and Earnie to me to see these movies.anyway.or maybe for this reason "show them "meaning my day to day folks ...
usually .
we saw movies during the day...
there was no problem seeing R rated movies with adult people
but this time we saw a movie Ernie said was called "Magic" at night...Earnie said  that he had no idea why a movie called "Magic" would be unsuitable for 10 year olds.
at first the movie was broing
than it was scary
but not as boring as the movie "The Other" which my second stepmother made me sit through 3 times in a row..
like ai said this movie called "Magic" got scary
than got boring than scary than boring again.
I thought little of it though until on the car ride home Kate turned around and asked me to "play a game"like in the movie...
She said," I want you to listen to me  when I tell you something about your upbringing  and the future your upbringing was meant to prepare you for.THAN I want you to not speak of it ,what I told you,for 5 minutes
and than
after those five minutes
If you dare speak of it again we will drive you to a place the call a Mental Hospital
where all the drs will decide to lock you up in a padded room perhaps for years
for saying crazy things...
after another few minutes Uncle Ernie turned around from his driver seat ,putting his hand on my knee ,like he always did and said,"hey anybody want a hot dog?"
I didn't want a hot dog or even ice crème but said yes..anyway..
That night Uncle Ernie ,not even a real relation but some :Living Together" boyfriend
came into my room,really the maid's room,only MY room when I visited and said,"Shhhhh...let's play the 5 minute game without you sating a word ,,,he said touching my knee,'AND if YOu say ANYTHING about this Game to ANYONE afterward,EVER..I guarantee THEY will lock you up in that nuthouse we spoke about for saying things....Nobody wants to hear a little boy say...
that night I first met the Entity..
I first saw "him" or "it" on the ceiling
and than he /it seemed to crawl down into me...
to help me and take my out of myself and above Uncle Ernie and out past the ceiling
into a new kind of sky

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