Thursday, October 23, 2014

the dots

"Nerve impulses are often diverted through the wrong neural pathways...all  A.I. does is "coach" the brain activity 'away" from "wrong thinking styles.."the assistant to the director of Bio Chemistry said,and introduced me to

 "A team" of researchers who  devise a  closed-loop nanoelectronic system called  a brain-machine-brain interface (BMBI) that created new neural pathways with the help of Aural and Visual perception Persuasive Technology
that was invasively "very invasive"

LOOK MA! no of "The Team" said ..

"The Team" looked at me curiously,I was not "one of them"

I waited outside for the professor who agreed to speak to me about "the dots"

  • " Merge Neuro- prosthetics (biochips) combine

  • neural recording

  • neural signal processing

  • and neuromodulation

  • functions for a real-time, bidirectional interfacing with the central nervous system,"said  (name with-held), a professor of electrical engineering and computer science .Augmenting or  ‘training’  neural pathways toward new channels is already the goal of anti-depressant medicines and "smart drugs" .. Nanochips and Biosensors just take the "Pharma" out of the "Olgy"

  •  Supposedly "the dots" (neural dust,nano chip) are  still in "their infancy regarding human testing"

  • I believe much data acquired by these studies done "on" Human Participants has not been made public....don't quote me on that..,"The professor said ,nervously and joke-ingly at the same time

Cole Cohen, June 8 2014


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