Thursday, October 16, 2014

you twinkle above us ,we twinkle below

 I lay next to EVAN on the bed he has  Tele Presence-ed us-     the bed is  literally "made" of a cloudsI stare at the stars above-  EXT-SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE OF RAINY CITY-NIGHThe has wrapped me in his  cloak ,a rather theatrical take on a monk's costuming.. his character JUSTICE PREISTLY knows no ONE FORMAT...Evan still looks like  Adam Parker,who Evan graphs and says " will play JUSTICE PRIESTLY in our Immersive Version of "The Blob"...I am still the tall ,young cop...besides the cloak he has placed upon me in our bed of cloud that is right in the middle of the country road he projected upon me for RACHEL's car malfunction scene...I wear nothing  the cloak "hides my nakedness"..but my cop cap is still on my head...I reach around for a gun,from "beneath the clods" remembering what he wants me to be a "cop" for...Reading my mind(as that's how Virtual Reality works) he laughs...and a gun appears in my hand...suddenly he takes the shape of my mother...while I aim I quickly turn the gun away"EVAN"...than reverts back to EVAN as- Adam Parker.."shoot me" he says, explaining that cops and robbers violence IS OK in Tele -Presence in a way that for instance he says,"The Thing we must give NO not...before I can think of "The Thing He/They want to have "No Name" I shoot him in the chest...he screams ...and than in" eat the scenery verbiage  says,"How could you do it Dumbo"Before I can begin, what he called  bio assimilating - proposed cause and effect (I feel my heart beating, my body even before my mind begin reacting to consequences...).of my "crime  EVAN and my "team" of  (OTs)Tele -Presence  Operators"reformat"  EVAN and me into Business men with bowler hats in from of some giant factory First like a dream .I look down and see if I am still unclothed.Evan reading me...briefly make me appear in just my underwear and ...a woman in 1940's style clothes walks by tittering, covering her mouth EVAN howls and reaches over and straightens  the tie AND pants  I am now wearingand sways my gaze , our Co-Conscious Inner Vision" toward "EXT-- OLD MUNITIONS FACTORY-DAY The factory is being updated, renovated Men are hammering away, putting up blue and green insulation walls and pre fab tiles that lock like marble and brick façade..we next walk past  the LOUD exterior into the main public space one sees in office buildings ...the huge open  space  is also being refurbished and modernized. The chipped ceiling sanded, some sections of faux marble title being glued over sanded cement. There is a LARGE SECURITY GUARD that EVAN slaps on the back who leads us through the already finished sections of the building I seem to recall...long hallways with deep red waxy floor white, white walls made whiter by too bright fluorescent lights..I see a door I think I went through before but EVAN brings me away from that door and shoves me against the wall kissing me hard ...(let yourself go...-the wordless words come to me...I know the sense is not my own but find myself nonetheless kissing him back..) we stop and Evan points to another door at the end of the seemingly endless hallway.... INT-PHYSICAL PLANT-DAY Inside this door is the factory itself...grey and refurbishing going on here. I remember Evan giving me a "Pack" of backstory that the factory had previously made vapors and crystals and gases to dissimilate  cloud coverage over enemy ground..but the vapor had ended up making people sick....we look down ,hands on railings at empty deep ,deep pools of some kind where I assume the vapors and crystals were once made.. Evan lifts me up suddenly ,like I weigh nothing at all and throws me into the empty poolI am falling and falling looking down I see the empty pool has no bottom.. I feel my back hurt.And see above me EVAN as Adam Parkerin his Reverend, Preacher "drag" "imagine that in a loop," you can never wake up from,lover"                                                                           (2)

Enzyme-based Electrochemical Biosensors Zhiwei Zhao and Helong Jiang

A biosensor can be defined as a device incorporating a biological sensing element connected to a transducer to convert an observed response into a measurable signal
In order to make a viable biosensor, the biological component has to be properly attached to the transducer with maintained enzyme activity. This process is known as enzyme immobilization.

. Nanomaterials are generally referred to the materials with dimensions ranging from 1 to 100 nm, which have some special physicochemical characteristics resulting from their “small” size structures.The nanometre was formerly known as the millimicrometre – or, more commonly, the millimicron for short – since it is 1/1000 of a micron (micrometre), and was often denoted by the symbol mµ or (more rarely) µµ.[ In 1960, the U.S. National Bureau of Standards adopted the prefix "nano-" for "a billionthA sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick
  • A strand of human DNA  is 2.5 nanometers in diameter
  • There are 25,400,000 nanometers in one inch
  • A human hair is approximately 80,000- 100,000 nanometers wide
  • A single gold atom is about a third of a nanometer in diameter
  • On a comparative scale, if the diameter of a marble was one nanometer, then diameter of the Earth would be about one meter
  • One nanometer is about as long as your fingernail grows in one second
  • Wet chemical route, also called chemical solution deposition, is one of the most widely used to fabricate nanomaterials, especially nanoparticles. 
    The vapor-liquid-solid method is based on a mechanism for the growth of nanostructural materials with one-dimension from chemical vapor deposition, such as nanowires. It is generally very slow for a crystal to grow through direct adsorption of a gas phase onto a solid surface. During vapor-liquid-solid process, this problem is overcome by inducing catalytic liquid alloy phase to rapidly adsorb a vapor to supersaturation levels, and thus crystal growth can subsequently occur from nucleated seeds at the liquid-solid interface. The physical characteristics of nanowires grown in this manner is closely associated with the size and physical properties of the liquid alloy.

    Brownian motion is the mathematical model used to describe the random movement of particles suspended in a fluid. The gas particle animation, using pink and green particles, illustrates how this behavior results in the spreading out of gases (entropy). These events are also described by particle theory.

    [ gas ]
    noun: gas · plural noun: gases · plural noun: gasses
    1. an airlike fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available, irrespective of its quantity:

    Vapor refers to a gas phase at a temperature where the same substance can also exist in the liquid or solid state, below the critical temperature of the substance. (For example, water has a critical temperature of 374 °C (647 K), which is the highest temperature at which liquid water can exist.) If the vapor is in contact with a liquid or solid phase, the two phases will be in a state of equilibrium. The term gas refers to a compressible fluid phase.
    Vapor is responsible for the familiar processes of cloud formation and condensation.

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