Monday, October 6, 2014

"The Shaggy D.A". /Visting Day Weekend(1976)

(1)     "It's all for you Damian ,"Evan says,his voice
softer.....less scary...
warm .....mesmerizing

......I no longer
bother thinking and therefore interfacing
that THEY never call me by my "Christian" name...

"what did you expect.....what did you see little unicorns ...and rainbows..
my boy....
it's about us gaging how far
we can
bring another into Virtual Reality Rendition

without a Participant
ooooo I don't know
Going toastal....
and still enjoy
the endless benefits of
5 Sense Over Ride /Overlay...

                                       the plot must always  thicken ' Damian

            You don't really want to stay on the lower rungs

of Jacob's Ladder

                                                                      dah dah dah dooooo ya....

"that was a real gun," I graph

"He shot you with his finger Dumbo," he graphs
 "old "sarcastic tone ....

I liked the respect in his voice
when he called me Damian and not Dumbo...

and instantly Evan knows this....

and I am glad
but also
that He Does


(2)               I remember being in a movie theater
a babysitter took me to..
we were supposed to see "The Shaggy D.A."
everyone at school talked about "The Shaggy D.A."
they saw
on  visiting days
their mother's or father's
Visiting Days were all about
eating too much ice cream and the non primary parent you lived with
3/4ths of the time
buying you toys and taking you anywhere you wanted
and treating you like a little king
 in retrospect I realize these
every other weekend court ordered visits
which brought you completely out
of  your day to day go to school, clean your room, don't use that tone with me Mister
 "might have been purposely Marvelized  so you would consider "real life" with their Ex... seem like some kinda prison sentence
  "eat all your vegetables before you leave this table and stuff like that.."
we (the babysitter and I) got to the theater late
and had to get tickets to "Bugsy Malone"
a movie I had heard not a sole speak about
at school...

I was angry enough
 that on Visiting Day weekend
my "alternate" parent
had decided to go out with a new love interest...
and this no" Shaggy D.A."business...On top of this babysitter business
 a lack of icing on the cake...
Well in the movie theater
the curtains parted and
the previews for other films  began.
                                                in spite of my wanting
              all the world to somehow stop
                                 and rewind itself into
the  itinerary
 that had been  presumed by me....
(mainly "The Shaggy Fucking D.A.
 not with a  babysitter (can you imagine? A Babysitter on Every Other Weekend  Visitation Weekend !
...that only lasted precisely from 6 pm Friday to 5 p.m Sunday!
  and believe me!
 it was no fun...(no matter how many stops we made  for ice cream and French fries in the One Hour and 20 some minutes
 it took to drive back and forth between parents...)
My anger simmered down...
(whose doesn't?)
when the movie theater lights dimmed
and the images began flickering on the screen

Grown Up movies previews
       First some movie called "Lifeguard"
that seemed to go on and on and on for a million hours...or more
a very odd ...strange powerful and sorta scary voice
a Preview
of a movie
which began with
 a little boy sliding down a slide ....

and than this little boy was in what appeared to be this huge amusement park
which was
set up it seems
in this little kid's humongous back yard..
it was this kid's birthday
or something...
and than! .....
some kinda odd looking lady
who looked I swear looked  just like my baby sitter.
is standing at this window
overlooking this birthday party
and than! 
this woman is  suddenly outside the window!
hanging by her neck....
when the preview ends
my babysitter
says,taking me by the hand" OK let's go....let's look for another theater showing "The Shaggy D.A."

                                                                                                                            and we did.


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