Saturday, October 11, 2014

Scene 4 The Blob (Istanbul,not Constantinople)

mid sleep i am awakened by the sound of a train.I do not live near any train tracks...
groggily i contemplate the sound....and realize that the sound of  the train is sound of model train...
and even though awake I am imbued with a dreamlike Inner Vision of CRANE SHOT to best take in the scale model
scale of train set /village where EVAN and I's version of" The Blob" takes place....

Evan Imparts that before we move forward with our story
I must first know some of the back story

of the town where the action takes place...

"Once,the small town thrived,as the small town ,the small community had many mills ,milk cows and most importantly a munitions plant that had specialized in making specific vapor like substance that helped dissipate cumulus cloud covers and fog above "enemy " air space but because this vapor the munitions plant once created had side effects on ecosystems and human respiratory function the munitions plant went the way of cannon ball factories in it's complex industrial benefits to those inside and outside sectors
 that buy
such "modern marvels".

Because the plant was shut down as nobody now wanted their product the local economy went bust.So hard hit by the closing of the munitions factory was the town that 2 supermarkets,2 movie houses,4 strip malls and 2 country clubs closed in just one month as the town lost many of it's citizens who decided to "find their footing" somewhere else.The townspeople that stayed feared that their small city would soon become a ghost town -
When a miracle happened.
The Church of Neuronatics had for some time wanted to add a rural village to it's real estate holdings.
A rural community not too big and not too small to "set up shop" in.
A "furnished"town with it's physical plant already in place so Neuronautics would not only own Churches ,Annexes and Reading Libraries which contained and promoted Gary Rainy's philosophies but ALSO the town's already established businesses and civic institutions such as the towns schools ,courthouses and recreational centers ALSO the town's municipalities such as the police department,hospital and fire houses...not to mention the town's prisons ,power plants and communications systems so it might weave it's own brand of "Like Minded,Right Minded-ness "upon every aspect of "Community"

Although Gary Rainy,founder of Neuronautic's claimed that it was not his intention to try to convert the town's "grandfathered" citizenry to "The New Way" of Neuronautics Gary admitted that because so many of his followers were relocating to the newly deemed "Rainy City","Make no bones about it,Rainy City would be a type of trial run for Neuronautic's putting it's philosophy into action which also meant the policy of Neuronauts staying far away from Ruiners(people not affiliated with "The New Way") and thusly Ruiner run businesses....

EVAN and I ZOOM in a die cast Priest liked Man  figurine who scaled to model sized hand holds a copy of Gary Rainy's "Inway to the Enways".
Evan thinks to me an Occipital Overlay that forces my eyes to see "Inner Vision" style the oddly dressed Minister as the actor Adam Parker.

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