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Richman,Poorman,Beggarman,Thief( 1965)

Sherman  and Harriet (Julius and Ethel Cohen)were not good people but them agreeing to raise  other people's children in a scientific ,non sentimental matter in a manner that Focused their sadistic True Natures upon children was paramount in Neuronautics getting certain bids from certain agencies very much in need of establishments all but "made" for  Human Testing ..As some Ventures in Human Engineering  required aspects of  Ritualized Abuse as part of Sociological Studies   and as raw material for other  Studies they could otherwise not have practiced in less Progressive "Communities" Communities who  could not see the "big Picture" nor the The Greater Good benefits of certain measures.
in Neuronautics  having a Cruel Heart or Mind  wasn't necessarily a bad thing
                                             just so long as it was a true thing.....
The only thing that mattered in Neuronautics was if you were True to Your Basic Nature
...meaning you did not beg some puffy cloud in the sky or some water spot on the church ceiling to come down and change you into some variety of Jesus or Mary ...nor Abraham ,Martin or John..

Often Gary Rainy spoke of Neuronautics having   a sort of " bee hive mentality toward existence
explaining a bee who find's it's true nature buzzing around flowers gleaning nectar
is not the type of bee who's main function in the tribe would be  to protect the hive killing any predator that assumed it could dominate and destroy the brood.

Gary explained that the Group's desire to enforce  participation toward" Group Think "exercises was not ,according to Gary Rainy to get everyone thinking as he did....but  so the methods' Rainy had  used to BECOME  his TRUE NATURE could be learned by all...

 and than Purposed to and for the group's stability.
Only when a member according to Rainy got his head out of the skies might he Become what his true nature intended him to become....A Richman?A Beggarman?A Poor Man?,A Thief?..
and  once assured of their Basic Nature  may offer up these skills to the Group so they  might be in some ways  be modified to serve functions within the "Cause".

Than and only than could a member take his place in the Movement ,and take a post geared to whatever their TRUE NATURE best served  the organization.

A poor man or woman may think there" lack of "might be of no benefit to Neuronautics...why they might assume their inability to pay for courses, for instance might leave them watching from outside of "church windows". is not the case.not one bit
A poor man or woman has much to offer The Poorman know how to scrimp by, often cheat or lie their way out of whatever Laws of Ownership the Ruiners outside our agency have decided ,for us is the acme of existence..

a poor man or woman might also not be AFRAID to use their:"lack of-ness "to do things others might not to bring members and "alms" to the church, things  someone whose basic nature is staid might not...
Often a Poor man or  Poor woman learns to enjoy the "Wilder Side of Life" and thus ,excuse me, Staid ones , wouldn't "have a problem" turning tricks,shooting porn or selling dope to bring in  financial reserves AND CONNECTIONS  that without "our wilder ones" we might not have access to.
A Beggar man too has attributes a Group such  as this needs...Begging is a tradition as old as time but some people won't beg...won't ask a stranger or parent ...or  a relative for money because we have been taught doing so is beneath our pride...A beggar has no such false beliefs...and might teach ALL of us how to LOSE some of these "man-made ethics" which might be ok towards a system that's only function is "civility and appearances" but not to a system whose only function is to "Change The World!"  a Beggar man can use their lack of provincialism  regarding  begging    to embarrass a Ruiner to give to  the church," a coupla Dolllllahs please miss ,please sir... A Beggarman  I can tell you would be much better at such tactics  than a Richman whose basic nature is towards Accumulance,..and who better than a Thief to make sure nobody steals our members or our philosophies or our technology...or our husbands ,wives or children...Nothing makes a better Police-type of Person than one who has been on the "wrong side of the cuffs"...

and what about the sociopaths
the psychopaths amongst us...doomed to a hell beyond this earth?
I tell you perhaps more so than any other "Style of Beinghood"
 it is YOU
we need most of all
to Protect the entire Clan

what if in caveman times
nobody had the guts or more Basic Instinct to
"Blow Away"the blowhards that chose to defame and derange the Institutional Nature of a tribe unlike there's?

What if nobody had the balls or spark to terrorize a clan that had decided to move too close
to the Clan's annex?
or pelts or meat or cattle
or children?

Most of us would spend hours ,days perhaps enraptured in our conscious contemplations of "Right and Wrong-isms"
whereas  a Psychopath would by inclination
just snap to the matter at hand.

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