Saturday, November 1, 2014

angles in america

"Yo Dumbo"..A Voice ,not Evan Imparts
"you want us to stop?
you want to stop seeing  things A New Way?
we can stop
but than the real fear would start wouldn't it?
Where'd my Mentors Go?
Why'd they stop trying to "fix me" and guide me?
Maybe I was found to be an Unresolvable
on earth
as it be
this isn't Psychotronics..dummy
it's Cybernetics
and it WORKS
 if you DON'T
Jerk it...
you're on a short leash brotha'
every time we give you a longer lead
you FUCK IT ALL up...
and we go back to square one.. it's about Blurred Lines
not White Lines

you  MAY THINK you're the Protagonist "in this story"


your a demographic....something that might have to be weened "out of the system",,,a disagreeable, caustic, degenerate dirt bag INGRATE ...

if you can't take it
you won't make it

Do you understand that? Whether you live or die makes no difference to offense
an experiment is all about The Process
not the outcome

"no," I graph

                                                                 "See..See why we have to keep teaching you things?

I can tell he/it/they want a kinda "Yes sir" response-
but in

"Respect,I believe it's something called "A Little Respect"
he/it/they Imbue

"...from PEOPLE that call me Dumbo?STILL?...after all these years ..."I graph

                                               "It's a  just somehow stuck"   it,he/they say,






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