Monday, October 13, 2014

Parasol Pictures introduces "Safety in Umber"


Goebbels knew that if you could CONTROL THE INFORMATION that's available to a population, you could CONTROL THE MIND OF A NATION, and this lesson from Nazi Germany has been perfected in America today."
But few but those raised on "LA Referentials "KNOW just how much this -lesson" has been perfected...
A few "good" men and women were asked to try to raise their children in a style that mimicked Television.
..actors were asked to "play parents" ...the experiment began with newborns being subjected to sensory deprivation And next the use of symbols no sound or language was introduced to the child (certain groups most notably a certain group with 'holdings in both *** and *** also raise their children in a very curtailed manner to "induce psychic" alterations in the child's amygdala...the children of this group are sent to special schools and for reasons I will not get into...allowances have been made for this group to 'do many,many things well outside "the law" in return for data concerning "progressive " parenting progressive was this group that other groups ....began raising their children in a similar have an inkling of "what This Group's motivations might be...and this is How Far certain :change agents went " part of the philosophy of this group was toward "Group Think Assimilation" early on the leader of this group...foresaw changes in technologies that would adapt A.I. and BCI with Immersive Reality that by definition required everyone using the technology have similar associations...experiments were done to attempt toinstill notation(imprints) and referentials on children.... parents who were purposely cold , distant and mute..*.( some told not to touch the children ,nor speak with the children but rather to glower at the children and even wear masks to frighten them ... anything to divert the children attentions and love toward televised image... Often these children were adopted so there would be less chance of instinctual bonding .... because these experiments were both repugnant and secretive....few who participated in them , except for the now grown children raised in this manner who were "encouraged" rather voraciously to not speak of it ...there is little data available on symbolic representation imprinting of ideas and triggers on a child raised this way....
There is of course no end to the explanations as to WHY this type of "sociological "rundown "had" to be explored....No end to the reasons that inferred that others might "do it"so must we........Actors ,writer and all that goes with Broadcasting were coerced, forced or enticed to go along with Referentialism in the early 1960's....and those that spoke out against it were dealt with quite harshly. Sometimes "an example " was made of those who did not "tow the line" and these demonstrations of what happens to those who "say too much" would be "co-opted" into the very situation of "Mediated "happenings" that might act as a "change in the style of the times" Cole Cohen 8/2/14

Hollywood is the only "secret society" on earth that can pretend it is transparent by means of it's seemingly transparent relationship between it's source (constructed sound and image) and it's target audience - there is something of a gentleman's agreement between transmitter and receiver that insinuates 'we are IN "on "the game" and know "what we see and hear has been "produced" and "preconceived" to solicitously draw us in ...and perhaps closer to a type of One World View that "at the very least gives us something familiar to speak about around "the water cooler"-since we "know "Hollywood is "about " make believe we can convince ourselves us we are "in" on the "spin" but we are not-...and never were meant to understand the implications of the medium... Cole Cohen


      a patent to die for

"One day
Dumbo, , will just  be gone-
people will look
- but they won't for long

 where can he be ...well. I don't know
days will pass
 and  weeks will go

 but we will have you
 and  in a place so hidden
-and the funny thing is-
stop lookin' for MISSING

 we will  hurt you
 .-you'll go into shock
but oh !don't you  worry
 we'll keep bringing

you'll go into shock again
 and tears and tears

oh my,oh my
it could
go on

for years-

Evan chants.

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