Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Participants,Proxy and Purient Interests

"Merge Proxy Cyber has built the first human-to-human brain-to-brain interface, allowing two humans to consciously communicate with each other, directly from one brain to another . In short, the researchers have created a device that enables telepathy. Thanks to advances in both bio and nanotech  future consumers , rather than  using vocalizing speech — or vainly attempting to vocalize your emotions — your friend/lover/family member will be able to "graph" words and thoughts right out of your head Mind to Mind, sense to sense.
Symbols toward "Mother" one's mind may be relegated  to more "wholesome"Mindfullness ..This is NOT Mind Control so much as Guided Projection
Currently a demographic of Participants is training us as we train them to help create Buffers  that will allow for very little "Incidental Inadvertants to "slip" into Imbue during a  real time Brain Computer Interface."
                                ..-namewith-held,Professor of Bio Engineering,****University


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