Friday, October 31, 2014

EVAN Imparts,"We lighten it Up..Right ELF,no Very Low GWEN towers of any fact. want to PUMP UP THE VOLUME Dumbo?...don't forget we can too..?"
"oh I don't forget that for one moment...nor will I ever forgive ya' for it" I graph back
"How else were we gonna turn you on..huh?
.How else does someone get used to Immersive Reality without first being totally Immersed in it.,"EVAN graphs
I sense that he's pleased that he's presented as some little



.....some little cartoon ...Reading me. he graphs

" you Dumbo....a little cartoon...we certainly  don't want anyone getting too
'Why So Serious'around here ..."
OOOOOOOOOh yes you do I graph,
you can't really lie
not with BCI
a purposely  vague...Inadvertant  graph" slips past his Buffer-"actually we were thinking more of a  Billy Joe McAllister type finale.


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