Saturday, October 11, 2014

sapperstein/jellybean/musk rat/cub

BCI is all about
Evoked Potentials
and just cuz bits of stories might ring true
he reminds me that my Merge
allows for psychotronic synthesis of
sections of the mind
previously made only
stupefied and thus altered, heighten to
"take in" certain stories
as memories..
but just the same other monitors
watch and base their finding considering
Ethics and Pathology based
upon a Proxy's decision making
based upon integrity
about which stories
should be written and which stories
should be sidelined
so now the story writing the test..
I have had more personality tests than any bona fide "personality"
I ever had
to me life is still about opening a doorknob,,,making sure orange juice doesn't get all over the table of leave a ring....
not to them
who seem to be building a case against me ...based entirely based on my thoughts
(writing this I realize I have never written anything that sound so schizophrenic in nature in my life
it's one and the same
synthesized telepathy
leave you ,,,lookin,lost
scared sad.
too there .too not there
heavy stuff going through your mind
but your're not smoking a blunt in some dorm,,,,theorizing
you're in it like they are in you
trying to understand
 the  undeniable truth
that I may claim are non relevant
or misconstrued
during the monitoring sessions
or that I sometimes get so embarrassed going mind too mind
I my thinking .without me goes
all tics and jello  
not in any way
by my
graph,"that a man is not his thoughts but his deeds"
 they did things to you
not us
we know all about it...and we're here to get you better...

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