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(1996) Evoked Potentials,Non Overt Reactions,With Holds

actor,ADAM PARKER is reading  from a copy of Neuronautic's bi monthly magazine "ENWAYS"
while his HAIRDRESSER fixes his hair and a MAKE -UP ARTIST pats his face.ADAM PARKER"S FIANCE, an actress, sits one seat over also being made up.ADAM'S FIANCE shows the MAKE-UP'GIRL' her new ring...and is all smiles...we see ADAM's FIANCE smile now
 from a strange POINT OF VIEW ...from somewhere behind or inside the mirror..not only is the camera 's position (hidden) odd but so too  are the camera's intentions....which seem more concerned with the mathematics and scanning methods  of "recorded  image" than the beauty of  capturing a  recorded image....all during ADAM PARKER'S WIFE "camera study" which "runs" in consort  with the  camera's  collecting of  ADAM's FIANCE'S - NON-OVERT REACTIONS's to ADAM PARKER'S reading aloud from the magazine " we see ADAM'S FIANCE .as numbers and gage-ing zero-ing in or out  squares ever scanning and cataloging  ADAM PARKER'S  pupil size
...and THERMAL rendering ( bright blues yellows,greens,,, )denoting  slight changes in ADAM PARKER"S  FIANCE  facial temperature - thus
  her emotional temperature to the word's her soon to be husband is reading from the magazine.

                                                                         ADAM PARKER
                                           (we see Adam from the same point of view ,a camera in the mirror
                                       but we see no  scanning,no gaging of Adam's "performance)

Gary  Rainy claimed that most if not all of  the Ruiner World's problems( the world outside of Neuronautics and the enclaves "of The  Neuronautic Familiy) were  not Neuronautic's problems

Gary Claimed
 that most "world's calamities "presented by the media were according to Rainy,"just "The Motherment's "way of instilling more and more INGRAINS into mankind's Collective Consciousness
Gary wrote that he was not saying  that the famines ,fighting and .fatalities covered by the press are not happening
they indeed are....
but how do these problems effect most of us..
If I read in BOLD letters- 532 Men Blew Away in a Tornado
do I see that  next morning
most of the population,or even those who bought the newspaper with this information on it's front page  on their  knees praying  for these men to make a safe crossover into another realms?
nor i see the entire population
reach into their pockets and toss 3 dollars into an envelope and mail the money to some charity
the day passes
with my keen ears ..picking up a lot of "Oh my...Oh dear..Oh no"
that night  i look up into the windows in my city
and see and hear the opening theme song of Friends playing.
and the next week  see the newspaper of the  532 men blown into the sky...wrapped as recyclable
between that  first paper (532 Men Blown Away by a Tornado" and the one on the very bottom of the stringed recyclables
i can assure you all matter of statistics about wars ,famines,,,murder,rape,,,and pillage have taken place..and have been properly reported upon
 next to the recyclables is empty  ordered Chinese food, bottles of beer and boxes from Crate and Barrel
and you ask me how much any of it means to you?
what goes on
did you call a friend and say ,"oh what  a shame?"...and do you think
you simply noting "the event with the Correct Notes of "There but fro the grace of G-d Go I..
" was good enough of a gesture...
or ...prayer...
prayer in the style of  a big aww shucks to the gods to perhaps next time let it be  only 531 men who blow away next time?

Mm wrong to put it to you in these terms
perhaps .
but than why is it ok for the media put it to you this way
and IN you?
in this way
the community of men was never supposed to deal with concerns
that were beyond their point of view of horizon line

i remember when i was in secondary school a kid snuck into school a French Postcard..
we ogled at the card and the scantily dressed women upon it..
than I noticed  a few small letters that seemed to be reflected off the "French" mirror in back of  some of these " French Girls"
                                                                     STRADRAH DNA NROH
this post card was not French
the woman were still beautiful
but all I could think of now
was the lie

and also IF the LIE mattered

don't present me with a bunch of girls who you claim are French
being photographed in a French salon
when i can see the photo was taken in a cold water flat in Astoria ,N.Y.

in the old times
people lived in small communities
small contained communities where
 they dressed a certain way
ate a certain way,(based on what food their collective could provide ..or what agriculture their land produced)..
.these separate communities had NEWS of their OWN wins and loses...
nobody in these small communities had to
to grasp the meaning behind the big fire over at Otis's barn
 for they saw the smoke.

when one hears or sees something happening 1000 miles way
no matter how

the tv still goes on at 9.
the laugh track 9:02...
the pizza man must be paid at 9:40 and the kids peanut but and jelly made by 10:15

how do I know
what THE WORLD is
without Otis's Barn?

 I KNOW the world
because the WORLD  on TV

the TV provokes a feeling but than rips way that feeling with an ad for tires ..or cheerios
the tv wants to make you feel something
but mainly wants you to feel an odd sense of displacement
"being there and not being there " at the same time'


how real can a REAL TRADEGY 
FEEL anymore

the last time real atrocity and tragedy was NOTED as INGRAIN
collectively was right after the Nuremberg Trials
were right before most families could afford tvs

after TV became pervasive
and no longer a novelty

there were not more than 5 channels really...
3 main broadcasting stations and 2 or 3  local affiliates

in someway the TV still had the impact of newsreels
Collective Correspondence

which is why most can remember where they were when JFK was shot.

the 1960's
the war
the protests
the assassinations were all
presented to a mass audience

in these times
the Tv has disenfranchised itself  of MASS AUDIENCE
so much that one wonders how
TV would serve in times
that needed a cohesion of Group Think

my short stint during "the war"
showed me up close and personal what a man whose been asked to do to another may  go right ahead and do
especially if he is with a group of other men trained ,dressed,fed ,encouraged to do
only this..
the thought of there being a movement that trains ,feeds, encourages asks men to Mentor other men  is for some reason an affront
to the "powers that be"
who only precipitate communal living situations for
the elderly,the sick or the "warrior"

if a TEAM collects itself in this fashion however
to form a "New Way"
one is called a

but if a "team" collects itself in a similar fashion and
decides to produce INGRAINS of their PHILOSOPHY upon a Culture
this franchise is called a Movie Studio
or bank,or agency ,or parliament


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