Monday, October 6, 2014

I Don't Like Mondays

Monday.Shrink Day."Tell Me Why?-I Don't Like Mondays"--the tests ..they still racket through "my" head.Doctor Roberts is Trying .something new.Going old school.Going "Spellbound"on me....

Small letters appear seemingly in mid air...
but somehow
just the same-
I read ....or conceive...
--------the "footnote" to my fleeting
(FRIVOLOUS ,Evan Imparts )
description.....of my psychiatric session
                            { "Spellbound "(1945)suggested by the novel"The House of Dr Edwards" written by John Palmer and Hilary A.Saunders under the pseudonym Francis Beeding...}

I stop typing
      annoyed by this presentation
          of meaningless information....

as are We
Evan Interfaces....
threatening to shove what They call
(ideas,knowledge-condensed into rapid fire...Deep Learning cognitions)
into "my" noggin
concerning every film released between 1943 and 1956)

Monday.Shrink Day."Tell Me Why?-I Don't Like Mondays"--the tests ..they still racket through "my" head.Doctor Roberts is Trying .something new.Going old school.last week last Monday the entire session consisted of me looking at photographs with black matting around them .

"The photos would look better in a white mat," I said

And Dr . Roberts sighed,saying," It's THAT kind of IRRELAVANT REVELATION that must drive your Mandlers mad."

I look at him curiously.
His face has changed ,his expression. Like the photos ....
{in the black mats}which according to the doctor were especially made for ,"a sort of ...Personality Test
meant to
based upon
my capacity to Empathize...

"Tell me WHAT this man in THIS photo appears to be FEELING...."Dr. Roberts asked.

                       but it took me a while to get "photographical"
                       as I was jarred by Doc Roberts concurrence
 I was .
I am....INDEED
   Mandlers.    and
       that my Visual and Aural "Hallucinations "were NOT Psychogenic in nature nor origin.

Voicing this Dr. Roberts explained,"I have decided it might be prudent and therapeutic. For me to immerse myself in your delusion perhaps help exorcise you from your belief system."

The doc however
did not mention my Mandlers again either last Monday
nor today
when he continued with his-
"I say tomato-
        YOU SAY..."

                                                  "To-Mah -Toe"I say

The doc says-
       "Close Your Eyes and I'll Kiss You-"

                                                   " -Tomorrow I'll Miss You"I      respond 

        "Warm it Up Chris"-he says

                                                          "I'm about to"I say

A signal wave is what delivers the electronic code that electrical currents sort out and deliver as Sound and Image.When a signal wave is placed on a carrier wave we get what is called modulation.Modulation can be thought of as a small pulsation that effects the height of transmitted height of wave,also known as amplitude or the effects distance between pulses per second (hertz)or what we call frequency.What makes radio and television work is the combination of the carrier wave with a signal wave.When these are received by a radio or Tv set the combined signal is sent through the electronics of the receiver and projected on a screen as and image ,or through a speaker as sound.The human body also translates external signals through it's biocircuits in the same way


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