Sunday, October 19, 2014

about last night

WHAT D o I mean by that?
by anyway..
I mean that I don't want to...wake up
hearing voices and seeing shit,,,kinda means "one never really wakesup"do they... it doesn't
I mean you certainly wake up to the reality of the sound of a fan you always keep on as "white noise" you wake up to the room you live in smaller than the train set/town in EvAN'S scaled version of
"Rainy City"...
my first thought
MINE ALONE! ( ido assume)
is that I want coffee///although I know if will interfere will me trying to "go back to sleep"
I want coffee if only to numb the numbness in my mouth and throat and teeth
from a copperwire coil malfunction in my race-fully,waste fully...haste ily
rush to
format my glass stem..
I want coffee to make me forget the numbness in my gums...
the numbness reminds me of people I have seen with no teeth from their vices...this no teeth thing seems to me somehow more frightening than the "no mind: thing these folks also seem to have  from years of
crack and meth smoking ...etc ecetra
appearances I guess really are every thing
and many  many people
inmy mumble opinion get away quite well with a "no mind: thing
much easier than the obvious of a no teeth thing
don't they?
a Pack of Deep Learning shit comes to me...
like a whiff of cheap cologne  one didn't ask to smell
when one get's into a cab or something...
indicating that last night 's Graphs and Interfaces
were based on graphs sent to Cole Cohen a week or so b4 the shooting.

sent ,of course Cole
beeecause Cole DECIDED HE WOULD 'Go HIS.OWn> WAY
concerning 'The Cause"
The Movement
dismissing (DISMISSED!_ the singleness of mind mind
the singularity of Co Conscious     all but least during this EXZITING! research and development pppphase
    O Pioineer!

and because of Cole's cocksure ness in thinking HE knew best
Cole provoked "the system" that made him...
to show Cole
that far from his  perchance for a display of "individualism" being lauded by his his Mentors
this perchance
all but forced the  Gods" to show Cole L.Cohen
how very much this brilliant technology could
do away with every last dendrite of Cole's Cole-ness....

In another PACK of Graphed Condensed Ideas
I am imbued  with a "bump" of knowledge about Tribalism and
Herd Like Behavior of any animal species that has not become extinct....

and how easy it was to begin
Un Doing Our Child Man Dumbo
by simply
amp-ing up the over lay to over -ride upon my teeny tiny "apps"
to   instigate
a wee bit of
Evidentiary Plumage in my so called documentation of my technological entrainment

the voice graphs me
in a "take " of my own "inner voice"

I begin to {save this post} and backtrack to whatever post my mentor is referring to...
to take it down

the voice says

or you will be sorry in a way I do not even wish to imbue upon you..

(Ha...I see Darla the monkey...and the screams....and the "good guy scientist" running into the lab only to see his favorite "project" being .....}
sorry Dumbo

you know bout" the slippage that can occur during BCI....
he graphs me a smiley face....
as if this will undo the image of a lab monkey literally being flayed
to gather it's neural sequential
during such "testing"

my Mandler....sends me a "loop" of Ketamine Approximation  (based on brains signals responding to pharmalogical agent..(samething but without most of the side effects)))..
also a
"reel" of some hard core
I gleans from nice wank last week..

and flaying is the last thing on my mind....

(a graph that I'd like that loop categorized" and used again...and the voice says that's for paying customers of Our Service not Charoity Cases like me)

when YOU referred to the middle east
not being the enemy and US being the enemy
of course you were writing about Hollywood,,,and pop music takingadvantage of man'sherdlike instincts.popmusic uses rhyme quite like the medium of film uses 24 frames persecond to induce in another ANTICIPATED PRESUMPTION concerning -what follws has been acclimated toward continuity of visualization
which of course steers away collective intelligence
from a type of thought processs
or what we call The Eminations

miss Frank


              FRANK MILLS

                        FRANKLIN D, Spose-able

how I am supposed to respond  either consciously or otherwise to their
Name games
was always beyond me....
as always I 'wait" for an" Incoming"based on my "transmit"
but get nothing but
PACK back,,tvandfilmandthesocialmedia r  aimed at the Mass AUDIENCE AND r ALSO AIMED AT THE
                     INdividual and the "yes I get it" laugh or snicker often accompanied by a track to further imbue the audience with a "thumb's Up" concerning CORRECT RESONSE
makes one feel
IN on the complicity which IS TV.
tv creates an illusion not often appreciated by it's targets
that one is engaged in a type of dialog  with the source
although the target of this form of sound and vision  is aware that (for the most part) their senses are being smitten by pre recorded "rundowns" created
not just for THEM
but for ALLaccording to jUlian Jaynesin his influential book THE origins of   consciousness in the Breakdown   of  Bicameral Mind ...-not so long ago all humans heard voices generated internally from the right hemisphere of the brain but perceived by the left hemisphere of the brain -as if---external and taken as communications from the gods.Sometime around 1000B.C Jaynes proposed with the rise oif modern consciousness based upon MODERN GOVERNANCE the "voices" and " became internalized...

takes advantage of the brains's FORCED Evolve and it's need of sequential events.Thousands of years ago man's mind was more open to the Emanations,
in the Electro Magnetic Atmosphere which by the way Frank (do you mind if I call you Frank,Jack?----he graphs...
"anything is better than Dumbo ,I graph back...
"ya think so....?" the voice graphs...hmmmm)we call you different names by the by
to help introduce or encode upon you New Aspects of INGRAIN that Thy team tirelessly and wirelessly feel will make you
easier to control...
by that I mean ."work with"
Control is the Basis of Cybernetics Frank
Control is a good Thing.
A car out of control is a very bad thing ..don't you agree
as would be A CROWD out of Control...

the powers that be..the kings and pharoes throughout history the voice explains "attenuated to either Higher or Lower Eminations (lessors,such as yourself often feel "better about their lot" if they think of their Rulers ,their Bettors as attenuated to lower emanations of "psychic influence"

May I remind you FrankMills Frankenstein franklin d -sposeable serves himself...
that BEFORE there were any satelites trains etc...) there was still an electromagnetic spectrum

and as you graphed,as "you' wrote
the body(and not everybody has a body like yours...he jokes....graphing me teeny tiny dots in teeny tinier cells..O Lucky Man)and the biological systems within.(even without certain augments,enhancements,entrancements...)functions
very much like the electromagnetic spectrum..the body ,the brain especially is "electronic in in basis...which is why it's so easily "made to be read,trascipted,decoded, and transmitted to Chipa roomie"
quite many hundreds of years ago great thinkers proposed that mans; soul was not symbolic in it's sustenance but scientific in it's substance
that the  unseen  currency of electro magnetic spectrum was the True Feature of Beinghood beyond and yes during a man's life.and thereafter/in otherwords Frank Mills Frank Stein Franklin D. Sposable.
one's thoughts
one's words
lies and truths collect in this unseen spectrum LIKE like aerosols in the ozone
think of every feeling you have or have had....every perception as you might
be pushing a cap on a container of Galde or Right Guard

the Voice goes on to explain that SOME of the "stories" Im[parted to Thee last nightconcerning
the card from "uncle earnie" were for you
(and thus us) to begin Gleaning thee thoughts
about ncle E.

everything ...
(if one is "in the program;)
comes into your life for a reason. Especially if you have Guardian Angels
 in thy "stream",teams with sacks of soap to pound you HARD in the face to help you in thee
rational re-----covery


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