Tuesday, October 21, 2014

strawberry fields

The Rabbi.the Older one the MEAN one.
Grunts at the young Rabbi...and shrugs...
and the young rabbi follws me out to "my car" which I don't have.
I always walk to the parking lot ..or to where people who have cars park their cars ...so people might assume (if one assumes anything,,,as if anyone watches me enter and exit buildings....when one is "app-ed" one begins to think ...quite ...monitor-ish about every move they make ...not only what one thinks.)
I sort of forget the young rabbit who says his name is david
is walking a few paces behind me ....and sees me ..
looking at a white compact car..which I only use to place my papers concerning the "re Delagation of symbolisms in Immersive world concerning human atrocities and the psychic damage certain imagery can cause I "player" ...a section of my presentation I wasn't even allowed to
GET to
and as these are not really totally MT concepts i'm supposed to be "trying out on members of "My clan"
slipping the papers into the little knap sack ..
I get all angry
and punch the knap sack cause the zipper won't close right
and all this beeping car alarm goes off.

"you trying to break into my car?or just beat it up ,? The young rabbi says

Oh...I say
have to make the rounds...
I pretend to look around for "my car" making a gesture like I am scouting the parking lot..
"ahh ..I remember I walked.. here,I say"

I am not allowed to drive as ...my left and right hemispheres or something
have a little..nodual or something
that forces me to have to always balance my hands to see what is left andright..
a weird condition..
my neurologist said..
a very interesting one
concerning some fancy doctor shit...

I don't tell the Dave that
who has made the car stop beeeeep beep beep

than the car opens
he asks if I need a ride to my next

"I say I am done for the day...cuz obviously....my presentation skills are off..."
I need to buy some black slacks...and another white shirt and tie as coffee spilled all over my two pairs...
and I can see how my jeans ...might have lost me my "bid'
before I even had it with the rabbi

Merge says it needs
rabbis and stuff to condone the REASONS for Substituary re Variance

"that stuff really exist? this brain Computer Interface?..i saw something on the today show a while back..."

yeah yeah it exists...mainly research and development...on drug addicts and stuff...so they might cure us...and also have like cover that ...they're experimenting..as Human Experimentation sorta is as much of a put of as Genocide...

they really put chips in you?

Yeah I tell Dave...it was the nano tubes of 26 months in jail...it's like an ankle bracelet ..but for your mind...
or that's how they introduced it...
they lied..
that's all I wanna say

On the today show they used headsets...do you have the headsets...I don't want to be what you say it was called "app-ed'

yeah ..I say pulling them out
putting them on Daves car which starts going beeeeeep again

he makes the noise stop and asks if we can go Mind to Mind
I graph to Evan ,'can we ,can we?"trying not to have that dumb looking "nutty expression" one sometimes gets (and is warned about" when doing BCI "on da street"..

well dumbo .you broke every other fucking rules...
go ahead..but please let ME do the steering,Evan Imparts..
we get in the car .I takeout my little modem...computer and bottle of goo that I rub on Dave's temple ,'helps the flow"
and than place the headset on his head careful not to
knock over his kea-pah

before I put mine on
A new Mandler ,not evan but mista sssserious says
a. nooooooooooooo sex
nooo thinking about sex...
he's a fuckin rabbi..Ok
next the Mandler says
I'm going to go Over ride on you...for 2 minutes
all shimmery sunsets and unicorns and  blue fairies...DO NOT try to PUT YOUR
2 sense in...it won't work anyway...but we'll know ...
think of it as a self control test...

ready to Merge I tell Dave...2 minutes..that's all
he puts his thumb up and away we go

the first chord of Strawberry Fields
and I see Dave smile

Rabbi Dave takes off the headset

and my Mandler wants
me to listen

and THAN say

"now imagine ,'my Mandler Imparts
 "if I said to you Dave  I want to go mind to mind with you  and show you pictures and perceptions of my trip to Haifa...and than decide to INSTEAD mind to mind you perceptions of spiders and worms...
(what's Haifa I graph and my Mandler Imparts FOR ONCE if your life SHUT UP! DUMBO"

wait a few moments, gather yourself.
act as if the words were your own, be natural..

"GO",my Mandler  Imparts

"Now imagine ,if I said to you- Dave. I want to go mind to mind with you and show you pictures and perceptions of my trip to Pieper...'

"What's Pieper?"dave asks..

"um..the name of some character in" Orange is the New Black'..,,ever see it? Jason Biggs is in it. from "American Pie" 
Dave shakes his head like he doesn't know

...and that girl from "That 70's show"

"Dumbo blows it again!," My Mandler Imparts...please
please leave this man alone..please please excuse yourself and give him your card

NOW DUMBO before you do even more damage.."

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