Friday, October 10, 2014

Opening Titles -The Blob

"if life.were fair.
if "the playing field" that "is" life
was as level as the Foundation
upon which the train set/town/city
under the twinkling LCD lights and "neon moon"
that dangled  from the apogee
of drop ceiling
from that McMansion in the Limitless
the drop ceiling where serpent meets rainbow
and satellites
feast on our hungry minds-
THIS would be the part of "the story" where the King
of "King and Country"
would apologize for
whatever part
"King and Country" had
concerning Human Experimentation,"
The small die cast figurine "says"
EVAN and I have ZOOMED IN on the small die cast figure
I presumed lives in the small bric a brack hut just behind the scale model water tower
according to EVAN's interface
this ramshackle hut
is the only place the robed man can live
since his release from "the loony bin"
which is nowhere to be "seen" Inner Vision
nor otherwise
on the "set piece"
EVAN insinuates that maybe that's what the train is for..
that maybe some
station quarter master
re-rails the train to take
Men Who Say too Much and Too Often
"off grid"
to a place
where they might "come to their senses"
"Where?" ,I graph.
"Why HERE of course" He graphs back imbue-ing upon me
 ESTABLISHING SHOT- the lay of the land(train set/town scale model)-DAY
                                 we ZOOM out and out and Up and Away(careful not to let our "camera eyes"Mind to Mind
             get too caught up
                  in the Winkie  star's
                      thin ,wired tether
 we ZOOM next further and further  out
                                      past the satellites
(as he has "grazed my" Conceptual Conveys" to perceive what I perceive to "be" what a satellite might look like )
so I might
re ambiguate my
toward "story"
next he impels upon my Temporals
 a rather jarring  JUMP CUT 
implore me to perceive  what at first  I conceive to be
an air traffic control
                          everywhere one looks
                         there are screens and terminals
           blips and bleeps,
EGG,fMRI second to second
computer transcribes
for a moment
my own
perceptions based on some film I saw as a child
all but destroy EVAN's conception
the entire Mutual Imbuecination
veers toward a rather campy ,late 60's "take" on "Ground Control"
(thanks Dumbo.,a Voice not Evan's graphs....
            and again his "vision" takes over my own)
we focus
the back of a youngish MAN in a short sleeved white shirt and black slacks
TRACKING him through hyper lit white hallways
The MAN's footsteps seem too loud.
and sensing this
CUTS to the MAN's black ,shiny shoes walking on an  even shiny-er deep red
waxed floor
the colors
Black and
seem to heighten
I feel my heart racing
 Evan emphasizes the rapid beating of my heart
by making
the beats into INCIDENTAL "MUSIC"
as WE follow the MAN in white short sleeves and black slacks past a series of
doors to
a  hangar like room
which contains much of the scanning equipment we saw in the
            control room
                      because of the size of the space however
                                                       the machines do not "seem"
                                 quite as technical
but the men
in headsets
and some
 in full body suits

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