Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Off Grid Neural Signaling Data concerning Threshold Response could benefit Consumers 


 Experiences  based on Tele-Presence Operators and "Participants "involved in "off grid"BCI  and A.I. and Immersive Reality Testing often involves what those n the Mind Augment Industry call Threshold Testing, which few consumers ,thresholds few would be interested in experiencing as product. Much of the  neural data not safe for public consumption however is of high priority to those outside the private sector . Captured fear decoded as transpose-able synaptic sequence that can be transmitted to neural cells is not only a commodity sold to industries involved with foreign and stateside aggressors but of clinical and commercial use for those in the Mind Game business to test how "far" a future consumer of Straight to Cortex Immersive Reality might safely "go" Gaming  and  5 sense No screen Televised "visions". Age old debate concerning the effect of scripted violence on the brain becomes " a new ball game "  with this new technology that does not use one 's eyes or ears to "tell a story" but one's auditory ,visual and somatic cortex to completely Immerse one's 5 senses into a unilateral or bidirectional story .

"There seems to be "a way" to invite another to interact  co - consciously  with various styles of hostility,agression and domination which comport universal  themes .... predator /prey.... hero/villain...cop/robber"

states  Dr,Tyrone Dinardo (of MergeProxy Cyber) ,"but certain "styles" of horror or persecution that are based on associations toward ACTUALITY BASED terrors...can cause long  lasting emotional problems long after the "game  of BCI and Direct Neural Interface has ended has  ended.

For instance the movie "Halloween " is very different from the movie "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" even though both films are said to be "in the same genre" 'horror' but in terms of visceral experience the two films are like night and day .At Proxy Cyber we are trying to find out what type of scenarios concerning fear and terror are dangerous or therapeutic .And what types of scenarios "played" (interfaced) to another can cause psychotic reactions in a participant. It is odd sometimes defining or learning what type of imbue- ment might be both thrilling 


and safe 

and what narrative Telemetry is not upon a human organism's psyche.

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