Friday, October 3, 2014

Puck( Attenuated Perception toward a Mutual Modality of foreseen future technologies)

  • A French warning, "On [your] guard", a term in fencing
  • En Garde!, a role-playing game from the 17th Century

  • always...gotta be...gotta be...
                  they say................when one
                             is put through this..
                                      one becomes...........fearless.
                                                                 that there is a cross over ......from synthetic T.
                   to the Real thing..
                             but THEY say anything.
                                                    to keep you off guard...
                                         SEQUENTIALS ,,,,for Future Gaming  it is NOW
    as if THAT makes this any better..
    any RIGHTER,,
    PLOT LINES that might HELP OTHERS..understand?
    is why You're HEARING and SEEING things
    and for a moment my Thoughts feel as if they are mine completely.....

    they use you up//
    a rage goes through me..

    PLOT LINES? for future gaming..
    convincing another ? that they were raised and born ONLY to be

    the Great Gazoo appears with his finger to his lips...
    as if THEY forget that my roommate and my neighbors CANNOT HEAR  me think..
    or feel me
    in spite of my knowing that  what I see is Only a Paper Moon
    Only an Occipital Overlay
    I throw a pack of Newports at the Tele -Presence..
    I want OUT of this
    they can care less.
    I want my own senses more interfacing

    a large book appears
    the cover some 1950's Technicolor Knock Off.
    a Fairy Tale like rendering of
    some child lost in the woods
    and the woods  have eyes...

    THEY treat me like some 8 year old
    with some of these "graphics"
    I hear a Voice however that is not suitable for children

    we call THIS one




    if raised in
    Deprivation Based  Environs
    enable the child to Disambiguate their core
    personhood into a vaguely rational
    Variation of Reality Based  Conceptualization inaugurate Attenuated Perception toward a Mutual Modality of
    foreseen future technologies
    •            It is important to Pre -Script Eventualities into the Indigo Child's Patternings
    • Induced Traumas
    • that will
    • activate otherwise dormant neural pathways

    the domestication of Man in the last hundred years we suppose have
    shut down
    Primary Facets of the Amygdala's Mystic Perception...
    and have discouraged pituitary discharge of DMT...
    and ....other dormant systems that may soon "go the way of the gall bladder"

    -Gary Rainy 1959

                                          .. because of man's domesticity and the rather abrupt change in civilization
                                           including the Safety Net features begun in the 1930's and 40's
    to all but emasculate
    Mankind...from Primal Consciousness
    and the
    dedication of a politic insistent on keeping
    Social Darwinism
    OUT of the gene pool
    Coercive methodical
    non sentimental elements of   Child Rearing MUST be Phased in rather than phased out of
    a portion of the population
    to study
    Crafted Childhood ...Primitive Ritualistic  Instigation of
    Man that may or may be Psychic in Nature....

    foreseen advanced technologies based on the "smallness" of macro processors by the year 1977
    to elicit Brain Signal Catagoricals - Gary Rainy 1962

    We might presume that Participants may come away from induced Schizoid States of Beinghood
    with Ancient
    Perceptions....when men and women truly Heard
    and Saw

    at the same time
    I hear this
    I hear and perceive ..............................another explanation
    insinuated upon my captive mind...

     "your schizo affect is seen as  "A Shield "for future  Consumers
    so they might be able to go "Mind to Mind " and
    come away from this  New form of Communication
    than Becoming a USELESS Ingrate like you
    who serves absolutely No Benefit to Society
    and is in FACT
    a Burden to society
    "go fuck yourself ,' I think to Evan ..or whomever it is pulling the strings..."i ain't your fuckin' TOY!

    they nearly have me convinced AGAIN
    that I was raised for this shit...

    I had begun turning AGAINST my parents
    when they first introduced
    "this provocation" upon me
    back in the days when I was WITH
    Neuronautics and NOT sooooooo very, very much against them!
    a FAGGOT is a Minus 5 on Neuronautic Scale of Human Evolve...ya see.
    and a JEW  ....they have determined Intellectualizes
     LIFE rather than
    experiences LIFE...
    what in g-d's name they expected is Beyond ME
    and YESSSSSSSSSSSS Evan imparts
     so very , very beyond me
    ya got that right
    I am a traitor to the "cause" and my writing Evan says far from saving assuring me
    and THEM my goose will soon be cooked.
    as One such as I has NO ALLEGIENCE to
    anything or anyone it seems
    and that for all these years of "training" I have merely Taken from the Interface and given
    quite deliberately so very little back
    I can barely wrap my mind around this and they send me a Friendly
    Pac Man type shape...
    and a cartoonish  voiced "Man Down"
    Dude you gotta get better at this
    or we'll rip your soul apart:)
    Frank Chadwick formed the ISU Game Club at Illinois State University with Rich Banner, and Marc Miller joined in 1972. The club focused on wargaming, but the three students also started designing games for fun and convinced the university to fund a new program called SIMRAD ("SIMulation Research And Design"), which was intended to help instructors to produce specifications for simulation games.[3]:53 They used their club funding to design war games. They also formed a small educational games organization in response to a project by the university to bring new ideas into the system. After failing to win this project, the three continued to work together, forming Game Designers' Workshop.[4] When ISU stopped funding SIMRAD after 18 months, they founded Game Designers' Workshop on June 22, 1973 as a commercial outlet for their creativity, initially headquartering the company out of Miller and Chadwick's apartment.[3]:53

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