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blacklist (no such thing)

"The Cl*ser" (2008)*
 A XXX Agent has a MAN in a sanitation WORKER jumpsuit
tied to a chair in the sub-basement of the building
The XXX agent strikes the worker 3 or four times. 

The CL*SER ,a pretty woman in her early 30's(hmmm)is watching the assault, she KNOCKS loudly
on the small window in the door, which CLOS*ER
watches through. the CLO*ER
makes a grimacing face , the KNOCKING has gotten the XXX AGENT's attention
The XXX AGENT opens the door on the CLOSER.She crosses the room past the SUSPECT/WORKER still tied to the chair,his mouth is bleeding

Who's THIS BITCH...What? you want some kind of audience? Well so do I. Listen lady, this man has kept me here against my will for over 5 hours now.

(smiling, as if making a pass)
I think our friend here just wants to know where his wife is

I don't know where this guy's wife is...I don't know his wife..

Oh yes you do honey(she says showing the man a phone with a video of him(the WORKER in the chair taking the XXX agent's presumed wife into a van with half hidden plates)

The XXX agent kicks a chair , we notice for the first time the room is large and see on tables  that  everywhere all manner of lie detector machines,EGG machines,fMRI scanning devises

Seems to have the entire library of  Advanced Technologies down here..I forgot you knew how to work this stuff?

Advanced Technologies ? Are you kidding me? What we have here...(The AGENT says, indicating the equipment on the tables )is the equivalent of a stethoscope and  a damn "See"-Meter! The three letter agency "the ABOVE that dare not speak it's name"-have the REAL advanced technologies not this ...this ...this (kicking over a lie detector machine) two tin cans tied together with string !

The WORKER/SUSPECT meanwhile is playing with a loose tooth. The XXX Agent pulls THE CLO*ER aside

That three letter agency nobody dares speak about has machinery that could MAKE this guy
"talk" in 2 minutes.

What do they have...the rack,the iron maiden?

(not in the mood for The Clo*ser's joking)
No,they have very small bio sensors you can just inject into someone's arm...(quietly,only to the CLO*ER)
then the sensors travel up into the guy's brain and in less than a half an hour all the thoughts in his head could  be transcribed  like teletext  right onto a computer screen..ALSO we could see
images...sights the guy SEES in his brain...sights of where my wife is...

The CLOSER backs away from the AGENT a little

Now..THAT's Creepy..( walking to a table with a cooler on it ,she reaches for can of soda)
Do you mind?

Toss me one will ya? (she tosses him a soda,the AGENT turns to the WORKER/SUSPECT) Hey,you thirsty..?

Yes ,yes please..

The AGENT goes over  to the tied up man, opens the soda and spills the drink down the guys's pants.The WORKER begins kicking and yelling.The AGENT and THE CLO*ER go outside


Well,did you ask if you could borrow this equipment from the XXX?

Well,of course I did..and do you know what they told me? They told me.ME.That there's no such thing..

Well,is there?

(looking at clock,than yelling)
I helped them make the damn -no such thing !

Mary Kimble had written for television for decades
but soon found herself
essentially jobless

Mary Kimble's teleplay for the filmed but vaulted  episode of"The Clo*ser"was written out of the season  supposedly because of a  reference to a "See Meter"that a producer, a practicing Neuronaut had "caught" in post production, Although the words "See Meter" were  edited out of the episode  the producer suggested that the teleplay writer might have purposely placed other less easy to recognize  veiled denunciations at/or. or to the "organization'  known to use  so called "mind mapping technology" And because of the possibility that Kimble "was up to something" a meeting was held with programming and a decision was made  to simply "scrape the episode" from broadcast.And next scrape Mary Kinble

Some in the cast and crew found it ironic that an intentional or unintentional "jab" or  "reference" at
"The Movement/Church" was cause "for alarm, in the 1970's it was Neuronautics that was indicted for placing Associations based Referentials in Parsasol Productions made for TV Movie ,"Safety In Umbers".Mary Kimble did not think the shelving of the episode had anything whatsoever to do with a reference to a so called "See Meter"but to a "movement " of some OTHER kind

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