Monday, October 6, 2014

The Trouble with Trebles

Subvocal recognition (SVR) is the process of taking subvocalization and converting the detected results to a digital output aurally or text-based.
A set of electrodes are attached to the skin of the throat and, without opening the mouth or uttering a sound, the words are recognized by a computer.
Subvocal speech recognition deals with electromyograms that are different for each speaker. Therefore, consistency can be thrown off just by the positioning of an electrode. To improve accuracy, researchers in this field are relying on statistical models that get better at pattern-matching the more times a subject "speaks" through the electrodes.


oh yeah
.I'll -
       tell You Something.
            I think you'll understand...,"

The man in The Grey Flannel suit said outside  Dr. Robert's office building

                        Looking at my eyes.
              My throat

........which I tried to force into static.

                                               The man moved closer....
                              his eyes sharper.



as he spoke the words,"When
                      feel that something...."

and I knew.

he knew .


What words.
 were going through my mind. at that moment....

"3 years..and still....THIS,"he said,opening up his jacket
just enough
       so I could see
the illumination

"that one was for us...Dumbo," Evan imparts,laughing - upon into the " Merge" nano tubes they riddled "my" Temporal Lobes with...the odd sensation of Evan ROFL
feeling EVAN
Feeling my fear...

The Man in the Grey Flannel suit, who had begun walking down the street
turns around
and he's all smiles,pantomiming
with his finger

a trigger.

"oh c'mon Dumbo...ya' gotta love The  Community Theater,"  Evan graphs.

I watch the man in the grey flannel suit
walk away....

and "see" Jessica Rabbit
                                       with her arm in a cast.

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