Tuesday, October 21, 2014

3 am

I skipped my shrink today.evAN IMPARTED THAT THe last thing I needed was shrinKie
and you go telling him about the Packs your Mentors  ARE deeeshrinking you with...and you of course telling shrinky dinkie(evean refuses to call dr,roberts a doctor)about The Way Of The World
that iS FINally Sinking In with you,,if shrinkie dinky knew about how Neuronautics is gonna change the world his Ruiner like perspective on the possibilities and probabilities would suggest that dumbo needed some  guidance and maybe more of those benzos....I know you can't help yourself telling him and every one OUR stuff...
that's what's called sharing The Good News..how could you contain yourself
and the blessing we have brought to your life and mind.docta" Roberts ,a BAIN on the world as all shrinkie dinkies are.
this Bains,these Ruiners...don't understand Progressive Politics...so how could these Ruiners begin to understand
Substituary Locomotion?....no..not them
Neuronautics has been in place
and ready
and watching like tigers to rechannel this bog job the last 5 or 6 administrations of what we call "seat warmers"
has made of "it' all..brotha'
these grand doo dahs bushwacked into believing anyone really wanted them there...
fuck dumbo their own wives scratch their heads thinkin'
"you won/"

I mean Ohh I knew you could do it..
yea yeahEvan graphs....blimpin round the room this time as light...no great gazoo now Hollywood referential...
the world evan states was put on ice,on pause,by the powers that will soon weed.out!
since the days of project paper clip we've been waiting for the chips the nano,the data....the technique and the proof way beyond see meter...that scientifically measures whom amongst us is worth breathing let alone breeding my little pup...my little dumbo

I am tired.
I am sick of being anyone little dumbo...it was easier when they presented themselves as "The Greys" as space men...now I find it's all about

"Commerce" evan graphs finishing my thought.. commerce and reconstruct!

what is one to make of a people ,evan imparts,who know enuf about Neuronautics and how Neuronanautics and ONLy neuronautics will help them move up the evolutionary scale of being hood....and this partake of OUR new means of communication. And grouses about The Movement?
all we desire or have ever desired was to train
 Lessors (like you dumbo)
to think a certain way so when one
participants in Immersive Reality Communions
 where their can be no lies ...no...poses..

and most of all no inadvertent Ingrains!
 one may cast upon another with this technology..

.no Hiroshima,no Nagasaki,no Holocaust,no kids with swollen bellies starving in a crib
...Merge Technology is meant for a cock,ketamine and cool vibes.

yeah dumbo.
.first .of course we gotta' get rid of The Ruiner element who have never been comfortable in their own skin.

 ya' can't do Mind to Mind interface if you got a bad soul,

but we can use MIND TO MIND to see whose GOT a BAD SOUL

can you imagine if we went foreword and continued this technology
finding and categorizing and accounting who
emanates Badly
,or worse emanate in ways that  seed another's mind and soul with INGRAINS!....

Evan is drunk
and because our sytems are tethered I hiccup...and feel woozy...
evan must sense this
but can care less
someone would get him a teddy bear ,,or some..dictophone he can talk into instead of Me
all the time

---He sends a loud sharp tone through my mind

'You make me do it you make me hurt you..I was trying to be nice to you",he graphs

One big summer rain.and we can "app" the minds of the world .for solicitation exercises...intraneual audits..and finally find out whom amonst us deserves to be here...
was supposed to be like that a long time ago .eugenics it was called...but we didn't have proof...
we didn't have the technology that THOSE social reformers wanted
those fuckin Christians and pantywaists liberal back in the 1930's
"Oh ..
so you don't care for Christians either,,,it's not just the Jews..."

"it's about Purity of Emination...not ethnicity..uh,,,not really.."Evan graphs
yelling at me for confusing him..

slurring he imparts .anyreli gion.that gets;  in  the '    way of Neuronautics  is paganism  prurience pragmatism..neuro
nautics does not judge by race or sexual preference or height or show size but by the emanations ,one emits into the atmosphere into the entities into the technologies that allows for inner sightfulness over words which are lies

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