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1999( scientists create videos of what a cat sees )

By BBC News  Science Editor Dr David Whitehouse
These are the first pictures from an extraordinary experiment which has probed what it is like to look through the eyes of another creature. As reported on BBC News Online last week, a team of US scientists have wired a computer to a cat's brain and created videos of what the animal was seeing. By recording the electrical activity of nerve cells in the thalamus, a region of the brain that receives signals from the eyes, researchers from the University of California at Berkeley were able to view these shapes. The team used what they describe as a "linear decoding technique" to convert the signals from the stimulated cells into visual images. Dr Yang Dan, Assistant Professor of Neurobiology at UC Berkeley, Fei Li and Garrett Stanley, now Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Harvard University conducted 11 experiments. They recorded the output from 177 brain cells that responded to light and dark in the cat's field of

제목 : Re : 고양이의 눈.
주로 "심하게"느낌 동물 실험 반대하는 동물 애호가에 의해 여전히 내 다른 "jottings"보다 더 그렇게 주목됩니다 이메일 (방식에 의해 재 게시) 기타 본 게시물 몇 가지 이유를 said.For "그, 그냥 잘못"cat..Often 이러한 전자 메일 분개 상태 "과학자 기술적으로 가능 뭔가를 할 수 단지 있기 때문에 수행되어야한다는 것을 의미하지 않는다"
그런가? 나는 항상 매우 게시물의 컨텍스트를 이해하는 독자 (응답 - ​​어)에 날아 오전하지만 중간에 문서를 게시, 왜 난 항상에 대한 그들의 오해 당황하고 있어요 비꼬 생각 (하지만 자주 쓰지 않는다) 의심의 여지가 오히려 어려운 일이 아니다 동물 실험이지만 인간의 테스트 ...에 대해하면서 -fictional "이야기"를 읽기가 A- 나는 너무 실험실 거주지 지금 "아주 많이"적발 "포유 동물 생체 해부와 착취에 대한 동물 애호가 오전 I 때문에 "것들" "블로그"로 기록 된 "이야기" 내가 신빙성을 추가 할 뿐이다 포스트 동물 실험과는 전혀 아무 관계가 없다는 것을 설명하려고 지난 .IN "퍼즐"또한 타임 라인으로 재 분류 아픈 자체 장착 있어요 것은 다른 way..I 내가 '고양이 눈 종류' 원치 않는 연구에 관한 연구를위한 인간의 실험 대상으로 만들어지고 관심을 E-메일 발송을 생각 나게 게시 AI 감각 인터페이스 것에 대해 걱정 내 자신의 에게 한. 몇 가지 이유 때문에 일반적으로 BCI 연구를 신속하게 독자 오히려 다음보다 필연적 단계 헤아릴 수없는

높은 포유류 (I이 특정 문서 십사년 0ver 번역 된 것을 동물 실험에 대해 E-메일을 기록하는 우려 독자 생각 나게 ... 그리고 그 주제를 사용할 수에 관한 발표 아주 작은 ... 그리고 특정 연구 관련 특정 문제 단순히 공공 scrutiny.While 출시되지 않습니다 나는 자연과 기록을 넘어 법을 인용 맺다 마음 기능 보강 산업 매버릭스 ... 난 당신을 생각 나게 난 그냥 이것을 쓰고 아니라고하는 것은 채우기 위해 " 거래의 일부 측면을 fictionalize 이나 pages'.I 소득 제공 제외한 모든 그림을 중지 한이 문서 독자 (상기 나는 예술 경력, 예술 캐리어를 지내다 선택 제외한 모든 필요했다 "빈 빈 ' 시간'까지 광경 "체류"와 "녹슨하기"에서 자신의 시력과 민첩성을 유지 ... 그리고 요즘 실제로 만들어지고 지점 한거야 두려워 "인간 원숭이"생각해 보면 나는 지금 어떻게 볼 수 있습니다 "작품은"의견을 달리하는 것으로 인식 이유를. 나는 미만 이백년 "말 그대로 체인 수갑에 의해 노예가되었다"우주의 주인 작업 "소위는" "인간이있는 것으로 간주을 통해 잡아라 '은 그대로 가져왔다"고했다 독자를 생각 나게 좋은 "산업 및 상업 .Why 혜택 눈에 보이지 않는 족쇄 노예의 형태 이와 유사한 목적으로 익명을 위해 사용되지 않을 것입니다(name withheld -Targeted Individuals Korea


Re: Cat's Eye.
"That's just wrong," the e-mail said.For some reason of other this posting (reposted by the way)still gets remarked upon moreso than my other "jottings "mainly by animal lovers opposed to animal testing who feel "badly" for the cat..Often these e-mails indignant state ,"that just because scientists can do something technologically possible does not mean that it should be done"
Ya think? I think sarcastically(but do not often write) although I am always quite blown away by a reader(reply-er's) understanding the context of the post,I am always taken aback by  their misunderstanding as to why I posted the article in the middle of a- no doubt rather difficult to read semi -fictional"story" not about animal testing but Human Testing...and while I too am an animal lover very much against vivisection and exploitation of "caught "mammals "now residence of laboratories and reclassified as" Things "and "puzzles".In the past I attempted to explain that the post had nothing whatsoever to do with animal testing but to add credence and also a Time Line to the "story "written as a "blog "because I was and am ill equipped to self publish any other way..I remind the concerned E-mailer that I being made into a Human Test subject for research concerning unsolicited  research of a 'cat's eye kind 'am more concerned about A.I. and Sensory Interface being done to my own species. For some reason it usually seems unfathomable to readers rather than the next inevitably step to expedite BCI studies upon
higher mammals(I remind the concerned reader who writes me E-Mails about animal testing that this particular article was published 0ver 14 years ago...and that there is very little else published concerning the subject available...and that certain studies pertaining to certain matters are simply not released for public scrutiny.While I fictionalize some aspects of my dealings with "beyond natural and written law-quote unquote Mavericks in The Mind Augment Industry...I remind you that I am not just writing this to fill up "empty hours" of my day or empty blank "pages'.I remind readers of this documentation that   have all but stopped painting (which provided me with an income and I have chosen to forego an art career, an art carrier all but requires "staying" in a collector's sight and keeping one's visual acuity and dexterity from "getting rusty"...and I lately fear that THIS in fact -was the point of my being made "Human Monkey" as in retrospect I can now see how and why my "work" might have been perceived as dissident. I remind the reader that it was less than 200 years ago that "The Powers that Seize' literally brought over human beings deemed "Work Horse" who were literally chained, shackled and enslaved by "Masters of the Universe" for so called "greater good "benefits for industry and commerce .Why would a form of enslavement with shackles unseen also not be used for similar such purposes-Anonymous 

[ image: A cat's-eye view of a woodland scene]
A cat's-eye view of a woodland scene

In total, the 177 cells were sensitive to a field of view of 6.4 by 6.4 degrees. As the brain cells were stimulated, an image of what the cat saw was reconstructed. The first example is a face. Although the reconstructed image is rather fuzzy, it is clearly recognisable as a version of the original scene. It is possible that a clearer image could be obtained by sampling the electrical output of more cells. In the cat's brain, as in ours, the signals from the thalamus cells undergo considerable signal processing in the higher regions of the brain that improve the quality of the image that is perceived. Taking an image from a region of the brain before this image enhancement has taken place will result in a poorer image than the cat is able to see. The other two examples show two woodland scenes, with tree trunks being the most prominent objects. By being able to tap directly into the brain and extract a visual image the researchers have produced a "brain interface" that may one day allow the control of artificial organs and indeed machines by thought alone. It is also conceivable that, given time, it will be possible to record what one person sees and "play it back" to someone else either as it is happening or at a later date.

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