Monday, October 13, 2014

tale of 2 proxy

Neuronautics taught me that the worst thing one could do was think about one's the rethinking of it..-PAST
made it near impossible to think in PRESENT.
PAST TENSE thinking lead according to Gary Rainy to PAST TENSIONS in both the BODY and the MIND...

why'd they tell me about Ethel?
about Julius?
if they had not told me.
there would have been no way I would have known 8/25/14

I receive a Pack from my mentors
a Pack,my tema graphs ,transmits upon some part of my brain,my cerrbellum and stuff I can't spell.{it was all explained to me when they gave me a shot of Merge in Van Nuys ..)the best way to describe a "Pack" is that like an entire book or movie or even mini series can be put into your noggin in a second,,literally a real second....with Brain computer interface  spelling doesn't not one bit...during BCI...and for this I should alone I should  be happy.
..and brAIN computer Interface...means even if you wanna make small talk ...mumble jumbo-ish I love your new shoes stuff shouldn't  ever say things like this ...Not when you might use merge with them later.

not the insertive...the nano

but just the headset

cuz...whom ever your graphing with ,interfacing with...will know if you a.really like her can't like lie ...when you Merge.
she'' also KNOW why
b. you brought up liking her shoes .especially if she attended the Merge sessions
that came with the software and wearable
headset that enables you to 'read" another's thought
\there's an art to Merge
and a science behind it
which is why
Neuronautic's is (A. #1 the mind augment field)

as it's programs and product wasn't just randsakeled together to
by some Ruiners lookin only to make a buck...
a gimmick
that will soon be tossed into the basement  with \novelty cheese plates and sweaters with snow men and raindeers on them.....
Gary Rainy has a problem with this other company called Proxycyber
he claims is using "the Safe Parts" of his philosophy
teach people how to BCI.
and I'm supposed to go over with some of my team tonite and and through paint and eggs all over the CEOs car
for his thievy nature
People according to Mentors tend to make small talk to control another.

  1. SMALL TALK according to Gary Rainy is MIND CONTROL it is used to throw another off of the Emindations one is giving ,send out into the air....with of without technology that allows for this...and some who marriages  are made up of SMALL TALK  and SEETHANCIES
a Seethacy is
not quite like small talk...
a Seethance
can be "Can you get me a some orange juice on your way home..."
"I swear that lamp looked better in the furniture store.

have nothing to do according to Rainy with OJ or lamps...but are ways of another to CORRUPT another's MENTAL MUNITIAN supplies so that they become too bound up in INTRCACIES of IRRELAVACIES to EMINATE wordless communicado

according to the Voice(8/26/14)
there were more foundations ,shadow agencies.laboratorires,medical research corperations,agencies   etc invovlved in the stuff going on in the 1960's 70's 80' concerning Human Engineering
than one could imagine
names we'd all recognize
who siphoned off funds
and created dummy companies...and front companies
outsourced....the type of work a' day
brass tack
job of shoving bio sensors into some homeless guy,some junkie,some whore or inmate
and than deciphering their thoughts into words...and than sending back "graphs' based on those gotten translated brainsignals
now some of the folks who did this...
people you'd wanna meet in a dark alley

and what is a brain
but a dark alley?

it was called a Great Social experiment
for those brought up FOR IT and those
just in the wrong place or rung on the social ladder at the wrong time...

Cole wrote his sister a letter ...but never sent it

"They put us on ice for technology to "catch up" with "the times"
and who makes "the times" the same people that make "the chips"


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