Saturday, October 18, 2014

ugly heart

 Evan Charged down the stairs.
and instead of knocking on his Father's den
he slammed right in
only to see Gary and Valerie at the large computer screen
making further modifications to
"his facial designs"on some

"The nano bot did a bit of Nip and Tuck while you were sleeping..I bet you didn't feel a thing..
the nano scalpels  act as ..well teeny tiny  scalpels...and the other "cosmo dots" act as filler

in one push of a button I can make you look exactly as you did ....even better...

 Evan tried hiding his face....

"what if I have to go out side? huh...or on a date...?"

"Oh, Evan,"Valerie said looking away,not able to quite meet his eyes...or moreso FACE-<" the only dates you go on are via Tele Presence you can "morph you image any way that comes to mind....You want your to not be Ugly on the outside kiddo,"Valerie said folding her arms ," First try getting a bit less ugly on the inside.."Valerie said,clicking her tongue ....and covering her eyes but not her smile.

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