Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mary Kimble had written for television for decades
but soon found herself
essentially jobless

Mary Kimble's teleplay for the  filmed but vaulted  episode of"The Clo*ser"was written out of the season because of a  reference to a "See Meter"that a producer, a practicing Neuronaut had "caught" in post production, Although the words "See Meter" were  edited out of the episode  the producer suggested that the teleplay writer might have purposely placed other less easy to recognize  veiled denunciations at/or. or to the "organization:. And because of the possibility a meeting was held with programming to simply "scrape the episode" from broadcast.

Some in the cast and crew found it ironic that an intentional or unintentional "jab" or  "reference" at
"The Movement" was cause "for alarm, in the 1970's it was Neuronautics that was indicted for placing Associations based Referentials in Parsasol Productions made for TV Movie ,"Safety In Umbers"

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