Saturday, October 4, 2014

what I see and hear (just as what you see and hear dear reader)
whether I like it or not
How and What I think.
        for instance if I
             or You went outside and for the sake of Vividousity
              saw a Hawk swoop down and take a baby from a baby carriage I can all but guarantee
that You (or I) would not and could not help but incept and process this /that peculiar scary scene
in your mind even if you (or I) was/were thinking of something else prior to seeing the Hawk swoop down and take the child.
there were 3 dozen or so pedestrians who,like You .like  I were
moseying   about thinking their own private ,independent ,discordant Non Collective thoughts..
I can all but guarantee
that at that moment -That the Hawk took the Baby in it's talons up ,up and away
all 3 dozen (of us) pedestrians
collectively  viewing the "event' would pretty much conceive and perceive
this,for lack of
a better term
"Street Theater"
(for a moment. I think How cold .I must read. Referring  to this awful tragedy as  Street Theater
              But .For all I know
              But. For all you know.
The Hawk
had been trained specifically to swoop down and grasp the infant.
        for all I Know.
        for all you know
                the baby you thought you saw
                          was actually a trained adult  midget stunt man in bib and booties.

I close in proximity  were any of us REALLY to the actual act to know ?
All 3 dozen or so of us .
                     And ,"How about the" presumed "Mother of this child ?"
wailing (watching
her presumed child ascending to the clouds)
and screaming so loud?

The nano second of synaptic summation -so quickly re-attenuated from Visual to Aural-
we would like to admit it or not
was quite "a slight of hand"
                 wasn't it?
That quick switch
from Visual Input
to Aural Input...........
                                 perhaps. and do not get me wrong.
                                    that wailing woman with the baby carriage carrying the baby
                                               who knows where by the hawk
in actress....well rehearsed in "Wailing Cry"
That at this moment via my parietal lobes and pons
I can still hear
And still SEE
even with my eyes closed shut. The baby in the hawk's might grasp.

how quickly
my mind (and your mind)
has transferred all matter of emotional, cognitive and perceptual data into .onto....
neural pathways
and neural receptors not reliant at all upon Our eyes and ears.
The stuff
of dreams. now
The stuff.
                 of nightmares.
                                                No matter what You were thinking about before witnessing
                                                the tragedy(that moment of impact of Hawk's talons clutching infant )
                                                For the most part
                                                Our minds( all 3 dozen of us) were  redirected
                                                Away from our separate  Self Referential  Inner Monologues
                                                              something "Greater" than Ourselves
                           Television. Also . Unites us in this unique way.


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