Sunday, October 5, 2014

my wife thinks I have the easiest job in the world
      I am a film and music critic of some importance
             and this is only so
                 because I do not write a word of criticism or praise about
                    any film ,album or celebrity....

she does.

My job is simply to "show up" at some function
be seen
and be "just influential " enough to supposedly sway
a potential consumer of  celebrity "product"
just enough to cause a small ripple of financial flow
in either the right or wrong direction

in other words be "powerful" enough
that a celebrity
must at least give me a nod of the head, a handshake or a bit of coke in the bathroom.

ProxyCyber,my employer
greases my hand quite literally
nano scaled bio sensors
that can enter a celebrity's blood stream
with a graze of my palm.

I have the Wildest Palms in town
but of course ....
my "clients" who often
say or do things
that all but provoke a Intra-cerebral Interface
are not aware
of my function
in "The Adjustment Bureau"

usually the Interface is perceived by these misdirected stars and starlets
A rather strict Communion
with either an angel ,demon or alien
who "comes a calling"
to intervene
in what might be career breaking "slips of tongue', binge eating or drinking or even a star who's head
some see fit
has grown a wee too large for their employer...

there is nothing quite like ProxyCyber's brand of synthesized insanity
to take the Sheen
a Man Who says Too Much...
about things they have no business talking off...

or a singer who makes
too many wrong decisions regarding
either an inappropriate halter top or boyfriend....

or as I said a movie star worth billions
cannot shut up
about affiliations with certain groups
or churches
not Trending in the right

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