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Scene 2,3,4, -The remake of The 1988 remake of the Blob by "dumbo' and his 'team"

Scene 2,3,4, -The remake of The 1988 remake of the  Blob by "Dumbo' and his 'Team"via direct neural Interface


RACHEL,a pretty 17 year old girl wearing a headset attached to her temples is lying on her bed, stomach down ,feet up. She is smiling dreamily, her legs moving with "the tone, the tune" of her
"Inner Vision".
CLOSE on Speakers
PLAYING a cover of Bread's "If "that Rachel via headset is sharing with her boyfriend JACOB-

JACOB,a handsome 17 year old boy wearing a headset attached to his temples lies "prone", smiling ,eyes shut "listening and feeling" RACHEL'S Mind to Mind "video" version of "If"
the two of them together, so close via Merge that ,at least for a time THEY
are ONE

the imagery we see has no

no "place"(as we "might"Know It)

and because of this RACHEL and JACOB's intertwining knows only the limitations of their Co-Conscious imagination.
The filmed imagery demonstrates "the dance" of kin "spirits "and should reflect
and introduce the intelligence, sophistication and inherent goodness of both RACHEL and JACOB
and the type of love perhaps only teenagers are capable of sensing.
The song, Bread's "If "acts as a vehicle, a guide that provided both a starting point and an end point
to the Merge between RACHEL and JACOB.
At the start of their shared "dream "we gather a purposed focus
to steer away from "Hallmark"sentiments
and symbolism but as the two grow closer via the technology upon their heads
we gather
that the two lovers have mutually agreed to "fall back "upon and fall into
everything "Hallmark"

Walks in the Park, showers of hearts and glitter, river boat rides.....



We "meet"RACHEL'S  FATHER,a fit man in his early 40's still wearing his work clothes, a dress shirt from behind as he is unwinding, watching television.

On the TV is an ad for ProxyCyber Brain Computer Interface

The FIRST SHOT of the televised ad is of the headset that allows the interface ,the same headset we saw both RACHEL and JACOB wearing earlier.


 Opens with  a BUSINESS WOMAN in a smart Business Suit alone in this non descript but upscale hotel room,the curtains, the blinds are open we see lights and signs in another language than English.The BUSINESS WOMAN appears to be exhausted, almost to tired to remove her heels with her hands,instead she "crashes" on the bed and removes both shoes with her feet.


We can tell by the lighting of the room that it is later in the evening.
The blinds are still open.
CLOSE UP on a half eaten Room Service style platter.The BUSINESS WOMANis lying on the bed,flipping through channel on the TV set with a remote control.She turns off the TV and places her head on the pillow looking at the view outside the window.She appears lonely,sad for a moment and than reaches for her laptop on the night table.

CUT to a shot of the BUSINESS WOMAN,now wearing a headset,smiling her head on the pillow ,wide awake.


A handsome HOUSEHUSBAND also wearing a headset sits in a recliner.
The HOUSEHUSBAND'S eyes are shut but he is not slumbering but Imparting

a succession of

He,the HOUSEHUSBAND holding a toddler


...another OLDER CHILD of 5 or 6 sitting in the breakfast nook awkwardly reaching for a pitcher of milk that tumbles and spills milk all over the kitchen table.

next a TIGHT SHOT on a frying pan of scrambled eggs burning,the TODDLER in HOUSEHUSBAND'S arms point at the frying pan laughing


The BUSINESS WOMAN now sitting up,one hand on her temple laughing ,presumably at the Focused Imagery via the Proxy Cyber headset and program.Still laughing ,the BUSINESS WOMAN closes the blinds and curtains

The words- "ProxyCyber Brings you -THERE" come up on the TV screen,the commercial has ended
and again from RACHEL'S FATHER's POINT OF VIEW we see a CUT
to wording implying
Breaking News is to follow

A NEWSCASTER in front of



          They have identified the lone shooter of 11 people in the restaurant
as Cole L. Cohen

A Photograph of COLE and RACHEL,his sister appear on the screen.RACHEL'S FATHER
jumps up from his chair and we hear a door open and slam but our focus is on the TV newscast.

Cole L.Cohen,26 years old, according to an unsent E-Mail to his sister wrote that ,"A Voice out of nowhere had begun "speaking with him"telling him that it was his duty to kill the people in the restaurant,as the Voice had explained to him him that the people who would be in the restaurant that late afternoon were part of some kind of "cell"A thorough search of Cole L.Cohen's apartment found no BCI headsets or BCI programs that might have delivered the shooter with any false Mind to Mind Receptions as Cole L. Cohen was an prominent speaker and journalist whose primary focus these last few years was against research and development of all forms and formats of Brain Computer Interface ,A.I. and Immersive Reality Technology. A handwritten notebook in Cole L.Cohen's apartment describes in some detail the shooter's allegedly being "tagged"with a version of Merge Technology that ca be introduced into one's nervous system and therefore one's brain.Cole L. Cohen,according to released medical records had been hospitalized in a number of Mental Health Clinics for aggravated assault and destruction of property which the shooter claims were also precipitated by "implants". It remains to be seen if the shooter ,diagnosed as schizophrenic will plead insanity for his motivation to commit  these indefensible acts.

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