Sunday, October 19, 2014

october 19th 2014

they have  more stories in them me than a barber
and tweaker explaining why he needs five bucks to get back to Trenton

I was getting into Evan Rainey's "the Blob"
I sometimes think the stop go stop go of it
is to demonstrate a schizophrenic's inability to be organized
as the main premise to Human Experimentation is plausible deniability

yet a man
writing seemingly nonstop about a.I. and tele presence
to on nano tech
SHOULD in my mumble opinion be quite enuf
to induce a sense of "unreliable narrator' enuf whatever
shadow of a doubt I fool myself into thinking I might be 'getting across"
after all I assume the reader (when I get off track) and do not focus on
aspects of story telling ,for instance "Neon moon"
that introduce place and intention and characters
other than

in Room
Seeing an hearing things
I lose most readers
who have had enough I never promised you a rose garden
lyrical schizophrenic journal as
"chick lit"
reading just one
(one of these nearly impossible to read"novelas is enuf for several decades...
and a day in the life of ivan whatervich
via psychotroics and A.I
written as is
would have left you cold ....several hundred posts ago...
I do not make light of my relapse into the crackhead ...shit
I often do not want to wake...
or be all there for
a type of unexplainable allthere
of there
sights and sounds and co conscious aside,,,
familiarity breeds a type of contempt
also indescribably when one's every thought ever sneeze ...every wank is
is part of "the show"

I am nothing to them
they are nothing to me
yet it never ends

I am dog with it's skull removed
being observed by folks who prefer cats
for data concerning
instinctual animal behavior

I am too tired to attempt suicide
my attempts failed ..and they were not
half assed attempts either

I hope to G-d I have one more
in me because the thought of being someone's guine pig for much longer is reprehensible
not just
of them but
for me...
being "charm'ed enough to teach them how to hurt another
with this technology

find yourself a new anne frank

  a new example of weirdo

who knows what this was about but

the enemy is not the middle east
or korea
or Russia
but you

and don't they know it

the end


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