Thursday, October 9, 2014

Woodness and Fright/Goodness and Light

try as I might to assimilate elements of 1988's remake of The Blob
project Blue Beam

I must admit
my own day to day problems(money,rent,some kinda fuckin' future beyond this sci fi mind fuck they placed "upon me") seep into my

"remote viewing"

(yeah Evan's back to's Remote Viewing -that's all I think
 maybe there's some hope ,and maybe
one day" I'll wake up "with perhaps  a final graph of  -"you didn't see it ,you didn't hear it "and if ya' keep sayin' ya' did Dumbo
ya' know the score
as it is...
I am simply scored......and have little else to do...but document my cruel and unusual but by no means unique format of detainment -----OOOOOOOOOh c'mon's all not bad.Evan Imparts..
and by no means is it...
but I would not be the first to develop Stockhom Syndrome toward my tormentors

"Nor  the first  to fall  head over deals with your therapist ,your nemesis ,your mechanic or drug dealer" Evan graphs..sending me a 'remote viewing " of a giant wrapped present insinuating ..."we're gonna try something New and Astounding with you!"  )

He Imbues upon me
an ESTABLISHING SHOT of some nameless town
based on EVAN's  "remote viewing" me a huge landscaped
train set/city
in someone "finished" basement,,,,

but all I can think of is how nice this finished basement is
 How McManshion-ish in clean lines...

according to my "Team" autistics
aren't supposed to care about
  • money
  • prestige
  • appearances
and the pills I am taking are fucking everything up
and I should listen to  my 3rd step mother's advice without according to "my Mandler's"
this attitude problem so Luddite in nature ,so unlike your 3rd stepmother  ,a Neuronaut, who reached Level 6
but left the "Church" because parallel parking on Sunset Blvd. became  too taxing  on her " Evolved Mind."
The fact that Evan has begun interfacing that he's ( that we're)- doing Remote Viewing Exercises
is an insult to my albeit somewhat artificial intelligence...
I am not following "the rules" concerning me not watching new programs
or reading newspapers or magazines about "events"that might foul up
Co Conscious Correspondences
( I am only "allowed" to watch quite specific programs...that might be "remote viewed" upon me at some later time or in real time with the programming)
whenever,where ever
my "Team" want me to go all  Dennis Potter "Singing Detective" -"with "them
specifically with  LA REFERENTIAL
"Sandman" based cinema...

which I supposed to Be For
than in the future
will in fact HAVE some FUCKIN' SAY in WHEN IT IS TURNED ON
and OFF

("Not like you Dumbo....who we "put the bugs IN to get the BUGS out",Evan Imparts...
for once I am glad-
he For Once
owned Up to "it"
and I am happy his  Remote Viewing explanation has been rescinded.)
The Co-Conscious" Inner Vision" based  BCI
first concerns some spiel on Shooting Script lingo
he seems to have forgotten he practically rammed down my
a cock up one's bum
without lube

My mind drifts for a moment
and I feel Evan get hard
but quickly
and rather regretfully

(?for the both of us)

we return to matters at

based on Evan's Inner Vision
He  and I
observing  a train set
apparently from POINT OF VIEW of a  dropped ceiling that is
 dropped or not twice! as high
as the low ceiling(s)
I have been under
in more ways than ONE
 since I was born....

tiny ,tiny violins appear as if in mid air
and though I am triggered to "move on from Self Referential sulkiness
which I can usually do
when Evan is playful
I seem 'stuck in it"
the very fact EVAN would Imbue" my" Temporals  with a train set ,complete with "village store" ,malt shop,highschool,watertower,police station etc etc....on  some reinforced plywood planks
3 times larger than any room or apartment I have ever lived in makes me fume...
my fascination with the myriad of lit stars (not quite xmas lights but blue LCD blinking things hundreds of them  attached to very very thin wires,which obviously are making these lights blink.

.above these "stars" there are several scale  model  satellites also lit up but in a different way the ambient lighting of a different type of  "darkness' is  conveyed by some smoke and mirror antics strobed source of FX

 I "remotely see" the light source  coming from an area of the basement that contains an old air hockey machine and a bowflex machine  with  sweaters hanging from it.

Above the scale model satellites is a rather awesomely lit  moon  whose light source seems to come from a corner of the basement which contains a pinball machine and  a genuine Tetris arcade game.
Little die cast  people are all over the landscape of the train set/town
  • a teenager in a Archie comics kinda slacks and shirtsleeves
  • a teenager in a football jacket
  • another teen in a cardigan and "nice girl" skirt
  • a teenager in a leather jacket and jeans
  • one more teen in a low cut blouse and mini skirt
  • a set of Mothers and Father "types' to "go with the teenagers,as these adults are dressed very much like their "brood"
  • a cop
  • a priest

 "A butcher,baker ,candlestick maker ...." I Think rather "meanly" towards Evan

 Evan graphs ,"FUCK YOU!         Claude
and my mind FADES TO WHITE

before I can even graph him any kinda apology...or sense there of

I kinda do but mainly my sense is
 Fuck You as well Evan....
I wanna live in that house that  basement is in
not "play" in it
he graphs that," the psych pills are making me think like THEM."
"who's THEM
Evan !" I graph.
"You're THEM!"
and my mind recalls something I read  about a  new multi billion dollar defense contract
for Neurotronic Experimentation
and I'm thinking ," Why not just GIVE multi billions of dollars to our enemies.
instead of
using that kinda' money to
blow up their kids and grandmothers!
Evan Imparts that ," Neuronautics has nothing whatsoever to do with
the "war over there"
but "The War right HERE"
on Deviant Dumbasses like YOU Dumbo..!"
I graph that." I thought the company line was that I was "made this way"
by "teams" who went about
spiking people's drinks and shit
and converting their unknowing wives now Mothers! to Neuronautics...
they have thrown more stories into my head than
I dare mention....
and Fuck me Deeply Brotha' if sometimes I don't know
Meese on Scene
to 'roll with!"

of course Does
and begins interfaceing in "HIS" deviant Way-
" Ya Know why "Charly"Gordon REALLY dies in Flowers for Algernon?
because they enhanced him
"Made him"
"fixed him"
and he turned against them
                                  he began goin' OFF at the MOUTH  like he was FDR.....
and WE don't like FDRs or JFKs
we LIKE people like ADAM PARKER
who knows
"How to Be"
Adam Parker will soon teach everyone "How to Be" but,"he Imparts," I suspect
Dumbo will not be around
for The Evolution....
not if he keeps taking psych meds that make him
"Autistics," Evan graphs in a "nice way"...are intrinsically Intuitive
and Knowing..
they are also like little sponges
they are not easily pushed around
and have strange capacity and voracities  to "fight injustice"
or trust me asshole woulda' jumped off a building years ago Lover....

shall we try this again
without the tantrums?
                                   and we are once again "in the LCD stars"
                        going Co Consciously ZOOM
on a little die cast Archie Andrew type figurine
who Evan (graphing" 'check this OUUUUUUt Bro" in a playful way ,like the entire "we're gonna kill you Dumbo" stuff never happened)
with his mind
makes move,,,ever so slightly

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