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Parasol Pictures (1961)/Suppuku Bushido

   About 60% of the money Neuronautics accumulated between the years 1962 and 1970 went into Gary Rainy's  film production company...according to Gary Rainy ,"he had no choice "but to "get into the Tv and movie game"as the Great Entity commanded him to "Snow Hollywood"by creating films and programming that would  help others "Receive  Broadcast Ingrains"to enable  the widest audience possible to" Attenuate their Temporals" toward a one-ness of "Mindfulness" geared to instill"Co Conscious" Associations and Referentials  that might enables followers and potential converts toward Extra Celestial Communions ," just a wee bit more scientific in nature than these rather preposterous Myths that more often than not provide no true Psychic Merge with any affinity whatsoever with anything beyond nature let alone Supernatural ."

The Great Entity ,according to literature only available to Level 9 Operating Tele-Prescients (often called OTs)
-only made available to the courts and public during one of many lawsuits against Neuronautics in 1978 he claimed (falsely ,I am told) that some of the Rigorous Training necessary for a client/follower of this  "brand"of Self Evolvement requires grew too "magical "for what Gary Rainy claimed were "Clearly of Aberrant mindset( or what an outsider might refer to as soul ) that reaching the upper tiers of "the program" that allowed them to "think and be thought to" by "The un-seeable but unmistaken-able Emanations that surround us all"perhaps "encouraged a member to Self Exit "their current vessel and the mind contained within this vessel"to not pollute The Unseen but Unmistake-ably REAL neural highway with either Bad Intentions or Bad Blood...Perhaps the Emanations that Neuronautics teaches one to correspond with believed that only a self sacrifice that we call suicide but the Japanese and many other ,perhaps more spiritually based countries call Seppuku.As one goes further up the ladder toward Psychic Attenuation one becomes Bushido, a warrior to Neuronautics task of ferreting out Ill Intentioned ,unresolvable vessels of Venal Verbos-ity...Although one does not actually SEE thought let alone the projection of thought upon others...nonetheless one projects one Emanations whether or not one has been trained to so...A Neuronaut schooled in The Eminations often sacrifices his own current State of Beingship
so they might resolve their Venal Verbiage they have induced upon an Entity 's Vernaculars.

According to unpublished documents kept in the Integrity Annex's Communion Room only accessible to Level 8s and 9s-

The Great Entity commanded Gary Rainy to get into the" Enter-trainment" Industry during a very intense "Mind Walk" that took place while Gary was sunning himself poolside at the Chateau Marmont .

according to members who had decided to become Ruiners, not only leaving Neuronautics but attempting to thwart it's Principles and Papal -tudes

In 1961.The Entity that possessed Mr.Rainy explained that Man could primarily Commune with Emanations that modulated well below the apogee which were not "quite as light in the loafers" as Emanations Beyond "The See"
and Beyond "The Hear"
and thus beyond a "Merge" with 'mere mortals

Gary wrote,

             I tried to hide my response, my thoughts to
        this revelation, as my thoughts for moment turned against
        The Entity..my thinking (of course read by the Entity as were my senses ,my emotions and perceptions...as one raised to believe in God is taught to not only assume but fear for this reason)began to analyze The Entity as too base or "too bad" perhaps to be welcomed to Higher Planes ...I doubt very much anyone could understand how both terrified and also contemptuous I was having to apologize for my inner monologue (now not my own) that implied that my Co Conscious tether with The Entity was a not righteous. My fear dissipated,the Entity saw to that,and was replaced by a type of overlay upon myself of Absolute Reason,which was never one my noted attributes...

The Entity for lack of a better description ,impelled upon me(as what I write next was not spoken but in scripted upon me wordlessly)

               that prophets are often ill equipped
               to function in prescribed "law" and
               set limits of society...that prophets
               (vessels)rarely are efficient at physical
               labor or administrative positions considered
               beneficial to 'the clan"...Or what THEY
               might call a "9 to 5" job. Having little
               else to offer "the tribe" one such as
               this often is forced to either pick up
               a pen,a paint brush ,clay-a guitar, if only
               because they can DO quite little else to
               convince their tribe they serve any
               function whatsoever.

     Sensing my sulk and anticipating my shame concerning a particularly un-auspicious military stint and an even more un -auspicious success rate as a would be novelist the Entity encouraged me to understand that all I knew about disembodied
consciousness was "Burning Bush/Here Comes Mr. Jordan" Beaconisms
and that whatever pyramid "I'm Sitting On Top of the World" be it THIS world or the next would and could be quite stifling to our future Communions.

      Gary ,who by now was paid handsomely to write every thought that came to mind for publication as his treatise on Mindful Mental Health and Human Evolvement,"Inway to the Enways" had become not only a bestseller but a "Movement" deliberately kept this particular Communion with The Entity
under lock and key, sharing details of this Wordless Walk -In with the only embodied Muse Gary Rainy felt was worthy enough to not only commiserate with but sometimes also be "corrected" by-his live" in /live out "girlfriend Valerie Prentis,than a set designer at MGM Studios.

   Gary explained to Valerie that The Entity wanted Neuronautics to begin producing films and television that might help the next generation intertwine with Emanations
the ground.

            Films and Tv shows that purpose-fully contained  symbolic based Ingrains based upon
  • Associations
  • Imprints
  • Referentials 
     Gary explained to Valerie what the Entity insinuated upon him as best he could saying ,"Just as a crucifix is used to instigate conscious and subconscious a presumed "flashback" or "flash of Brain Signal" toward a state of "Beingness" open to Otherworldly Kinship .
    Valerie Prentis nodded her head
a Salem
        with guile.

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