Sunday, October 5, 2014

PSI in The Sky With Jesus

" KNOCK IT OFF DUMBO...."Evan graphs.

Or what ya gonna do to me  huh...what else can ya' possibly do...
I think and therefore interface to
my Mandlers...

Trying not to neutrally read  too
much more difficult a task
that you dear reader.
(whom I reckon has not been "app-ed"

and made open to Tele- Present terror..
and turmoil)
can imagine.....

I think...and therefore interface ,"that my previous posting was
my just trying to "see" this
Mindfuck from
another's point of view...

but Evan cuts my synaptic sense-abilities off
stating that
seep-age of thought
inevitable in Mind to Mind To and Fro
is breaking a Gentleman's  Agreement
these ventures in modern recording ,receiving and transmitting

I immediately think to Evan
that maybe ...I am writing some of this
to in fact
DO JUST to attempt to STOP
my participation
in this Project...

"Oh Dumbo...we are THIS close to STOPPING your participation in this project..."

and wouldn't ya know
I hear a gunshot reverb through "my"
supposedly duplicitous dendrites-


(but I wouldn't be THAT quick...
     as one of the most precious Neural Reads
          ProxyCy prides itself on attaining
            is  a drawn out re-usable Pain Perception
and Oh yes
and yessum
they have quite, quite instilled me
various Tele-Present anecdotes
"Just How Many Ways" this might be triggered
and the trigger of a mere gun
a quick death
is nowhere to be found in their library

when I promise them .
if this is fact
I will force my mind to
The Purina Cat Chow jingles

I remember quite vividly from  my youth

instead of "silently screaming neutrally with pain"

Evan Imparted that ,"at least you have not thought you would go "PSI in the sky with Jesus "
and  whatnot..."

"ya know what I see when I see through your eyes?"
Evan interfaces

                     I see a Hack

Typing OUR
Intellectual Property....

                 pressing spell check every now and than...

Evan graphs
he still sees
                - a grubby  whore
all them years ago-

sucking off anyone on Santa Monica Blvd who would buy ya a Happy Meal...

snorting anything
                        someone lay-ed out
                            on a dashboard

what you think got you into this mess......

You're a Human Cockroach
You're .......Gregor

Sensing I don't know what "Gregor" is
he graphs me a
dust jacket of some
we were supposed to read in high school ...

"Metamorphosis"He Imparts,sighing ,like my Father used to do----like I'm some dumbass

that's how they see me?  STILL..i can't help thinking .after all this?

                                                                                  I think of insects

                           and before I can stop myself
I think of a scene from
a  movie

   "Blue Velvet"
    quick quick
horrible horrible scene
 that presumes the camera is SEEING through the heightened Green Grass to the vermin underneath

         a hive of bugs
     all over each other
the SOUND of the hive  louder and louder
as... David Lynch ZOOMS closer and closer to /at  The Swarm

EVAN ,my Tele -Presense "operator

my "main Mandler"
                         'THAT I'd better KNOCK IT OFF
                                        these aggressively sickening IMAGES
       that I "Know damn well"
are interfaced ...
.to my 'team"

                                     Evan Imparts that's it's CRIMINAL to purposely THINK these things

  to Mandlers

and I try to remember
it was indeed
a purposed
'aimed "thought

I  think
 of some "safe zone"imagery before
 payback begins

For No Reason

- the opening to "The Phil Donahue Show"
the fact that
 it is
 so vague
 is so good
              for this type of JUMP CUT
                                                                  of- Blur....
of Good clean static  distortion
                     to let EVAN clear his mind of

my Tele-Provised Provocation

EVAN sends me  a clip of banality
   further dissolve
                             from both our minds
                                        that scene
                                                from "Blue Velvet"

"The Lady Bug Picnic" 123.456.789.10,11,12....


on top of which
I receive
a bone
a bonus
              a  "jist" of Brain Signal
based upon a collected  "neural algorithm"
                                                             a milligram and a half of Xanax and

I taste  upon  EVAN's lips
throat and tongue

a double shot of Jamison's Scotch Whiskey
 Evan Imparts," maybe I should watch some tv
or better yet have a wank
as he wants a bit of "strange" for
some project
the Team is  working on....that he graphs ,"might be worked into ....some future Tele-Presence 'Love Interest"

IF I DON't keep goin" round lookin all Spaced Like that Odd Looking Duck from "Scanners"

He reminds if I need reminding -
"we can easily make you appear drunk
 put you in
lock up.....

and  this
you do------------for some unseen audience
 "talking to your finger"
telling people
You're JUST talkin" to a boy named Tony who lives in your mouth

when we're trying to do something


some respect,,,some Grace....

some Tact...besides nobody any  demographic
but your own  quite
"places" that
reference ....

you're just showin' your age...

gone are the days of
uniform POP Culture referentials

ever notice Sonny
 that there are more than 3 fuckin" stations
 these days
or are you so
ELF absorbed

it just - don't register.....

I feel Evan getting angry
                           it goes right through me...I taste

I feel instantly
"EVAN -eque"...
like I wanna punch someone
or fuck something

"ya know ,"Evan graphs, I feel him appraise his own
 self appeal
through me

Evan takes another shot of Scotch and thinks to me that-
"it might just be FUN for us ..if you got yourself in jail for a while...a change of scenery and mise en scene...just might do us all some good"

"I AM in jail
OR something ," I graph

and  I see the now  all too  familiar logo of Parasol Pictures
Indis O' Say's
"The Facetaker"


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