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The Face taker

it looked like any remote control.
cept" for the mini dish...
but still .
it was
smaller than a typical lap top...
"it's sorta like a Taser ...
he said
but instead of  the tase  dis-mobilizing the body
the tasing is aimed at the face
disfigured another's face ,,,
the directed energy ..if focused correctly  excites the 5th and 7th facial nerves and routed the signal firings of the 3rd facial nerve,,,
:it's scary as like automatically ...see the "target's" face go wonky
than go slack
than go just grotesque,,,.
Publication number
US3170993 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1965
Filing dateJan 8, 1962
Priority dateJan 8, 1962
Also published asDE1219988B
Publication numberUS 3170993 A, US 3170993A, US-A-3170993, US3170993 A, US3170993A
InventorsLawrence Joseph L, Puharich Henry K
Original AssigneeLawrence Joseph L, Puharich Henry K
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Means for aiding hearing by electrical stimulation of the facial nerve system
US 3170993  United States Patent Filed Jan. 8, 1962, Ser. No. 164,882 24 Claims. (Cl. 179-107)
 The present invention relates to facilities for use in conjunction with the human body for aiding hearing, and is directed more specifically to novel and improved arrangements for aiding hearing by electrical stimulation of the facial nerve system.
In our prior United States Patent No. 2,995,633, granted August 8, 1961, there is disclosed a fundamentally novel arrangement for assisting the hearing process of the human body through electrical stimulation of the facial nerve system of a user, employing modulated electrical signals corresponding to audible sounds. The basic discoveries described in our prior patent reside in the fact that the facial nerve system of the human body ,the facial nerve system being a rather specifically defined nerve network is receptive to stimulation by electrical signals, corresponding to audible sounds, in such a way that modulated electrical signals are transmitted to produce sensations of sound equivalent to sounds received by the ear of a person having normal hearing capabilities.
Thus, in the normal hearing system of the human body, mechanisms in and associated with the earseem to operate essentially as electromechanical transducers, converting the air pressure modulations constituting sounds into corresponding, modulated electrical signals, which are transmitted to hearing centers of the brain. It has been brought out by our prior discoveries, described insorne detail in our prior patent, that the nerve network serving the ear mechanism is associated with the facial nerve system of the human body, which has nerve endings in the teeth and in other areas about the face and head, the association being such that modulated electrical signals of the proper type, applied to receptor nerve endings of the facial system in the teeth, bypass some of the usual mechanisms of the ear, or work in conjunction with them to produce sensations of sound which are largely indistinguishable from sensations derived through the usual hearing facilities. One of the significant consequences of the discovery resides in the fact .that persons whose normal hearing mechanisms have been so damaged as to be partially or wholly unresponsive to conventional, essentially mechanical hearing aids, can be made to receive the usual sensations of sound by direct application of modulated electrical signals to the facial nerve system.
The present invention is directed specifically to the provision of improved facilities for imparting amplitude modulated electrical signals, corresponding to audible sounds, through the facial nerve system of the human body, to produce sensations of sound, with substantial fidelity and reliability. In particular, the improvement of the present invention resides in the discovery of, and the provision of means for applying in a practical way the principle of achieving especially advantageous electrical association between the facial nerve system of the body and a signal output appliance, by employing novel and improved coupling circuit arrangements.
In accordance with the invention, a novel and improved hearing aid system is provided, which includes a radio frequency receiver for receiving transmitted radio frequency signals and converting them to suitable audio modulated signals, the receiver being provided with a novel output circuit arrangement which, in conjunction with a portion of the facial nerve system to which it is coupled, constitutes a desirable and-advantageous circuit. The improved arrangement is such that the audio modulated signals induced in the output circuitof the receiver are imparted to the facial nerve system in a desirable form, to which the facial nerve system is particularly receptive.
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