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telefon.tele-presence.tell no one.tell it to the marines.

 Targeted Individual Cole Cohen
12.22.14 I read the posts.about breakthroughs to come in virtual reality..and tele presence...terrifying the lies the public is being sold...that THIS is where we are "at"another Targeted individuals took his life today....we are the new  Tuskegee syphilis test subjects we are human fodder...waiting ..waiting to be saved. Waiting for the truth to come out.
but it will and can never come would make the USA look worse than any of our counterparts
it is biowarfare
 only this "germ"  this poison is a carbon nano tube
less than the size of 1/1000th a human hair.once they get in can be hurt in ways Hollywood pretends is so far away...yet this technology has been developed in one form or another since the 60.70's

3,000 suicides in the last 3 months  of Targeted Individuals around the world ..according to some activists..trying to keep track

I don't often go to the web based forums much misinformation and sadness
and so much horror
I can almost sense from a TI's post  who will be the next suicide and
which type of off grid  testing they have been "commissioned' for

I cannot bare reading almost as much ..the tech pages..with their exuberance toward "Singularity and innovation,
in A.I. and Brain human interface
how misleading. How terrifying...some TI were only born to be used as human Guinea Pigs..
mainly women
Monarch programming..
and next the "apps" the Psychotronics...the torture the enslavement ..always they are mis diagnosed.
as mental ill
it is like being raped not once but twice

the amoun t of information the public gets about how far direct energy weapons and psychotronic weapons are..
Occulus glass
 like "them' releasing a gramophone ...when speakers are already made.
.like them releasing a 78 long playing record when cds are available.
.a horse and buggy when the car has been invented.
 A hot air balloon so people can fly up in the air when the 747 sits in a hanger in Washington..
.Oculus rift when over one million people all over the world now see and hear and feel ...and interface with biotech..
..why would anything .about true .."advanced technologies " ever  be publicly released. in the mainstream media?
.it might mean than releasing information  about what is being done with it.and on whom..
it might instantly make you understand every thing I (and hundreds of thousands of Targeted Individuals ) write make instant horrifying sense.
I think of my family ..oooh no I can't afford to

I don't speak to them
cant afford to
.when I first "got sick"
believing me schizophrenic

did they know..? I am convinced now they did know..
My team has convinced me
my memories have convinced me..

what made them go along with this..
if I had a child...what could inspire me to .."go along" raising them on ritualized trauma.?
the honest belief I was doing it "for my country?"
or was their something intrinsic in them..
their own personality profiles that MADE
them ....ripe for ...such acts..
acts I have not yet begun to write about..
for it is too disturbing knowing it was purposed... measured  .timed --- ..a pinch of this and punch of that

..sicker than me is them that raised me on cues and associations...I have no last name ..
and I am indifferent to who calls me by my first.

there is nor ever will be forgiveness for them

the technology .covered concisely in this "blog" ..this documentation
somehow less important what is occurring now..
than back than
that is meant to go with this..
but cannot any longer..the cues now are all I respond to but not in pavlovian way..
but with contempt..and horror..that it is all true

this tech considered a weapon canno tbe  released.
in the same way nuclear reactors are not released to the general heat their home
for good reason
is and is not the same reason synthetic telepathy is and VR.   A.I will not be released either to the general public..
just a  weak ,weak facsimile.
..How I hate
sitting here laying mind ripped into nervous thoughts. terrorized
people still using some "take on"  1940 1950's brand of psychology ...psychic driving push/ skinner ...MK ULTRA ....intense brain entrainment ..but now str8 to brain upon understand their hurt them...hand;s  off torture is ok in the usa/
after a time those who handle you receive ... what they  give deserve.
played back to them.
the disease of mind they introduced upon you..played almost in loop..
...there are no words to describe the sheer hate one feels towards these people..
it's type of hate that is beyond words or thought
it is the type of rage that in fact can only be demonstrated in the type of reckless savge violence ..too many in same boat have taken out upon their own kind..their own humans.
one begins feeling less and less human as this goes on..
and perceives now all humans as capable of this..

I laugh and wince seeing these meaningless articles about the new big thing being a horrible mask like thing one puts over their eyes..when I know ..
"they' are so beyond...this lunky technology
I want to explain to some one how out of step THEY not I are from reality
and remind them personal computers would not or could not have come out unless the powers the be had first seen to it absolutely everything that  a person ,a rocket scientist  could; do with a  computer..( ahead of time
there is an over all forgetting that the small amount of PC we have ...
are nothing compared
to the  computers that still take over several rooms whose sheer speed  and efficiency
grows month to mont...we are supposed to think of THOSE computers as the OLD COMPUTERS in badlt done 1970's films
and forget
the internet. was invented by the army NOT mark zuckerburg..yes we KNOW this but we do not consider much of this..
why should YOU?...YOU shouldn't...
you are not a guinea pig..
i suppose if i look at this rightly..I could deduce ...that if one doesn't for instance have Lyme's disease one cannot really empathize with one who does..
if one did get Lyme disease they could what i write means nothing to the average reader.
and in a way nothing to a fellow TI (as I am singing to THAT choir ,,,who unfortunately know what i am trying to say..
YOU dear reader thing of me as "the guy from Mad Men who cut off his nipple..)
Hollywood alway's 'up to dATE' at giving you dear reader something referential..
in terms
of "LOON"
.and the various programs that are released or built in to the industry of computing
purposely  stifle .most of us (how dare I switch tense to make YOU a WE...
with the league of me..
stifle MOST from creating programs of their own .Now only  those especially schooled at computer programming..and  computer engineering eventually become involved with companies...who force their  employees with these skills (in the public sector or from the non public sector  i.e military ) to keep a lid on their expertise..
a human with these skills BECOMES whether they like it or not ..fodder to be monitored their very intelligence in this particular field makes them an asset (or perceived  enemy) to the state..
I never wanted to understand how this world worked..
and the devious nature of how "it " turns"

A new form of computer memory might help machines match the capabilities of the human brain when it comes to tasks such as interpreting images or video footage.
Researchers at IBM used what’s known as phase-change memory to build a device that processes data in a way inspired by the workings of a biological brain. Using a prototype phase-change memory chip, the researchers configured the system to act like a network of 913 neurons with 165,000 connections, or synapses, between them. The strength of those connections change as the chip processes incoming data, altering how the virtual neurons influence one another. By exploiting that property, the researchers got the system to learn to recognize handwritten numbers.
Phase-change memory is expected to hit the market in the next few years. It can write information more quickly, and pack it more densely, than the memory used in computers today (see “A Preview of Future Disk Drives”). A phase-change memory chip consists of a grid of “cells” that can each switch between two states to represent a digital bit of information—a 1 or a 0. In IBM’s experimental system, each “synapse” is represented by a pair of memory cells working together.
Computer scientists have been working for some time on chips that crudely mimic neurons and synapses. Such “neuromorphic” designs are radically different from the chips we use today. But they promise to make computers that are efficient at tasks computers normally find challenging, such as learning from experience or understanding video (see “Thinking in Silicon”).
Earlier this year, IBM announced the most complex neuromorphic chip yet (see “IBM Chip Processes Data Similar to the Way Your Brain Does”). It was made using the techniques and components used to build smartphone processors.
The experimental system announced by IBM researchers this week is much less powerful than that chip. But the fact the new system’s 165,000 synapses are made using phase-change memory is significant, says Geoff Burr, a researcher at IBM’s Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California.
Phase-change memory is thought to be particularly well suited to neuromorphic computer systems because it stores data so densely, making it possible to create brain-inspired systems with many more synapses, says Burr. Phase-change memory is also simpler to reprogram. That makes it practical for building a neuromorphic system that is able to “learn” by adjusting its behavior as it is fed new data.
Previous efforts at using phase-change memory to build neuromorphic systems have been modest, with 100 synapses or less, says Burr. The new system, built with colleagues at IBM and Pohang University of Science and Technology, in Korea, is more than 1,000 times that size. A paper on their results was presented at the International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco earlier this month.
The team was able to make a much larger system because it developed techniques to measure and compensate for the natural variability in the performance of each unit of phase-change memory. Similar variability affects the conventional memory chips in our phones and computers today, but error-checking methods are more advanced for those devices.
After being shown 5,000 labelled images of handwritten digits from a standardized data set, the researchers’ chip could recognize handwritten digits it had never seen before with an accuracy of 82 percent. Burr says that a recent tweak to his team’s error compensation methods should allow accuracy to climb to close to 99 percent.
Eugenio Culurciello, a professor at Purdue University who works on neuromorphic chip designs, says phase-change memory could enhance neuromorphic designs in interesting ways. However, he notes that engineers are at the early stages of understanding how to create brain-style chips. “These things are still a bit exotic,” he says.

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