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Mindy,Valerie's personal assistant had asked Valerie if she could move her desk at Proxy Cyber closer the "control room"to be further away from the light from the windows Valerie ,not a big fan of light of any kind had agreed, seemed in fact happy with Mindy's request.In the past Valerie had chided Mindy for smiling too much and attempting to emit false sentiment into the Enway with her Visage analogous to the type of "tough"and "tumble "image that Proxy Cyber needed and expected their employees to project.
Mindy had begun wearing only dark greens and dark brown ,deep reds and black..
to fit the corporate image .
Going so far as dying her light brown hair  a deep coal like color or absence of such
to go with the coal black eyeliner that Valerie in one of their few  "bonding  moments" Valerie had
given Mindy  and shown her  to use to make her eyes appear less  cockeyed optimist ...and more deep set ,cold and vacant.
Mindy who rather like setting up her lap top near the warmth of the sun
had asked to be away form the windows  so Mindy could be in the  best location to best be able  to eavesdrop on Valerie and the Tele-operators that Valerie adored.

Proxy Cy had recently won a new bid from a privatized security Agency that wanted Proxy Cy to begin using the Direct Energy that sent signal to a human subject
usually meant only to alter their senses
to focue more on what direct energy weapons could do remotely to  subject's body whether or not the subject was even 'app-ed" with Merge Biotech

 "for those who get too nosy....,'Valerie Prentis said to a handsome young Neuronaut who had reached Level 7 on the Gary rainy Scale of Normalcy AND had reached Theta 9 on the Gary Rainy's Scale of Trans humanism,
,"we play a little game called "Got your nose"
 Mindy  wondered if- the fact she was writing down what she over heard with a pen...would be a give away- more than her  texting her boyfriend much as Mindy could hear ,infer  and piece together regarding Proxy Cyber's new bid

Mindy was careful to keep her affect as Blank as possible ,knowing Valerie , a Theta 11 Neuronaut could sense ,even with no chips and no headset to read an 'app-ed' one's mind  a person's Neural Emmitance they released into the Neural highway .The Enway.

 usually Valerie paid Mindy no mind at all "once saying to Mindy" she could be trusted because Mindy had no vivid personality ,style  or substance .
While Valerie had not said this as an insult ,but a perk.
Mindy that evening decided to take a trip to the Neuronautic's annex in kreatown and continue her courselaod
to become a Level 3.
Her  abdicator/solicter  instead believed Mindy needed to take her Level 2 s all over again as her Implicits on the See Meter indicated Mindy  had  regressed to almost Ruiner like Enway Apparents Mindy's solicitor said she could continue paying for her original level Ones ..and a re do of her Level 2s in a renewed monthly package  that could be automatically deducted from their "sister" company Proxy cyber.
Mindy was assure most lived well or at least well enough on 20 %b of their monthly income and ..Mindy could relocate to one of the several "hotels" Neuronautics had purchased in Hollywood and Studio City ...and live 4 to a room...with other Neuronautic members -on the same "tract" as she
the tight quarter ,a blessing the solicitor said stating that "Truly be
by osmosis  of Emmitance  the tight quarters would hopefully get Mindy's Emmintance up to at least a Mid Tone

All Valerie cared about were her pets...The Tele-operators.
And the pets the OTs kept by remote .

Mindy who Valerie had often called an idiot.
This morning felt like no such things writing all she heard ...about the new testing to be done involving

microwaves (HPM) to impair respiration in a subject so they will feel as if they were choking and suffocating
Apparently the Private Security Agency want proxy cyber 'to give it go" with the DEWs that used
high-powered microwaves  to excite nerves in the face, causing muscles these
to contract .
according to Valerie Mindy wrote in her  small Mead notebook ,pink which she varnished with nail polish to give it  a cruel looking bloody read visage so she could not be accused of Emitting  False Sentiments into the Enway .Mindy listened in on Valerie explaining the  "wild" things  one could "do" with a human subject's face  aesthetically with DEW while making the subject feel they were being smoldered as if be a blanket..
Apparently ,Mindy wrote -The HPWs
that cause tense contractions of certain muscles around the
nose and eyes causes the nostrils to flare and the area arum  a subject's nose to swell to severely  and quite notice-ably ,,so ,according to Valerie one had the advantage of human disfigurement  being a bonus that went well with the Direct Energy  sent to restrict and  blocking the subject's

Directed Energy Warfare

One of the most life altering experiences that one does not often touch upon nor think about is the physical changes over a life time or segment of one's lifetime that occur concerning what one looks like .The changes the occur to one's "looks" are gradual ,the "glow of youth "fades into "the ravages of time" in a manner that one perceives not only as inevitable but  because of the "way" a human mind interprets "time "nearly imperceptible except when the human organism might "study" photographs of themselves 'in their prime", Even than any shock to the system in terms of dichotomy concerning how one looks now and how one looked than is not visceral, in the way it would be if the human organism 's face changed before their eyes if '16 going on 17  " was mirrored literally back at the human organism as "16 going on 86"  .While a former beauty queen or male model might lament at looking at photos of themselves in their 20's or 30's upon seeing their reflection in the "looking glass" at  70..the feeling one might get may be disconcerting but not ,as a rule terrifying .The human mind  is very good at parlaying the natural  changes that occur with  time, especially because time has a  rather all embracing effect on the human mind   and thusly  the limitations of what one does when one is older and how one looks when one is older. In most cases what one thinks of "faded beauty "is tied seamlessly with  life altering experience and organic alterations in the brain itself .But this tally of one's physical attributes is not such a seamless observation for an individual who has been inflicted with a sudden condition that causes  facial disfigurement. Previously pre-scripted  events that could precipitate extreme and very noticeable alterations in a human orgasm(certain gases for instances dispersed in the air, certain diseases known to cause either irreversible or irreversible diseases whose hallmark is disfigurement) the problem with using certain biological and nerve agents to trigger disfigurement upon others was and is that the means of creating aesthetic facial trauma inevitably would cause trauma to the entire biological target's system, thus making the use of reversible methods of disfigurement ineffective to introduce the notion of "compliance  or capitulation" based  "deal making "or :amendments to one's actions so one's disfigurement could be rescinded if the target of such alteration "gives in to the demands a purveyor of such technology. Based upon persuasive "deal making ' via "The I Got Your Nose "reality of this Hand's Off mechanism to sustain peace by any means at their disposal . Disfigurement via Psychotronic Direct Energy that could ,for instance instill  upon a populace or small number of people in the populace a stern reinforcement that emphasizes  the notion that -"if  one's interior  visage to the  system of governance( and the social  control  this governing body  must beset on the "masses") is not cast  a certain way than alteration of  one's physical  visage might remind the dissident of "how monstrous "their cadence appears  not only metaphorically but figuratively

In the early 1950's while practicing using radio waves  to imbue  extreme low frequency imbue upon  a human organism so a deviant  might be cured of mental illness,personality disorder or criminal thought styles by  remotely and electronically being enticed and entrained   to 'listen' to  words and thus ideas that might  derail the subject's inner monologue away from diseased thinking toward less diseased  ideations  by Extreme Low Frequency directives that could enter a subject's mind   not through their ears but rather through their bone conductive nerve and thus auditory cortex a rather interesting side effect was noticed regarded stiffening and shortening of a subject's  facial nerves now 'hit" by directed energy causing the subject's visage /appearance to be almost monstrously reconfigured. Researchers noticed that often the subject's  desire for their countenance to be "left alone" the subject would be less resistant to a more exacting initiation of Silent Sound (Voice to Skull) that cause  less pronounced strain upon the subject's 3rd 4th and 5th facial nerve. The photographs of these subjects being temporarily disfigured by directed energy have been redacted from their previous assessment as Unclassified at this time

 Human disfigurement or the threat thereof has throughout history been an excellent means of keeping "populace" in tow. As one's looks are an often overlooked weapon certain  individuals (and dissidents, subversives  etc use to influence  society with diseased thinking) ,many a criminal or those with criminal minds would never have gotten as far as they may have in their purpose to   instill in other's their own  'sick" point of view concerning politics or hearsay concerning "world affairs" If the charisma that "looks" often propagate might be corralled  or destroyed* many an ill mind would not have the "framework" to influence others to "be like them' IF their outer appearance FIT their INNER WORKINGS.The 'rebel" long hair with the dreamy check bones could not and would not influence "a potential riot" against the state IF this "rebel's" face was swollen 3 sizes too large via direct energy tapping the "dreamboat long hair's" adrenal gland that would and could promote the Acromegaly Now let us consider the deviant whose appearance has been altered temporarily. Or the potential terrorist who after months of interrogation strategies "still refuses" to "give up valuable information"?

What of the loan wolf ? The .self righteous siren who comes face to face with their face "on Direct Energy"? How quickly one's intrinsic instinct that "it might be better to be dead" than live one's life looking monstrous...especially when there is a time table concerning the reversibility of the "permanence of one's appearance..-  Face the Face" The Institute of Social Systematics (2009)

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