Friday, June 12, 2015

all fours

He rolls back and forth in bed..the ativan does nothing but make his hands swell ..his mind ..shrink ....he rolls over ..back and forth...demonstrating to his tether...the madness they so need him to experience....his pictures in his mind's eye the type of visual lunacy that MGM and United Artists have spent years and years placing into our collective conscious...getting down pat he does the gesture of his finger playing with his lip..he tries making that sound "tisk -tisk-in...g" his lip with his finger that he had seen in so many warner brother's cartoon...what were those cartoons for?..every other one depicted the odd type of Hollywood madness...rockin back and forth lunacy...tongue drooling insanity...duh duh duh ooooie oie ..duh..he wants to think 'his team " the synthesized madness BACK to show them...he has received their it down good...he visualized himself as cockroach to them vermin scurrying up the he telepathizes himself as a giant silver fish...".and that twill bring us back to dough and that will bring us back to dough he repeats over and over and over in his head......teasing his telepathic partners that he will soon move the verse forward...but that will bring us back to dough but that will bring us back to dough is as far as he will allow...he is in control ONLY when he thinks like this...ONLY when his fury provokes  Mental imagery of him literally going into flames...and THEM as well...the satellites being hit by meteors....the lights going out all over the poor savages now in charge charge charge charge over the mansion walls all at once all at once into the Rothschild's estates...the DuPont's estates..the Rockefeller's; like we were taught on tv.. we eat them alive...and empty their safes and burn the money it will never count for NOTHING ever again....we burn all the money ...and literally begin eating the rich...un cooked...raw and alive so they feel it to the bone and vein they chomped on us...we stop an wrap them in dirty newspaper ..with dirty actresses on all the pages...they will be eat and spit out and out so they too ,like money never ever ..become so important to anyone ever again. we move onto washing ton like the packs of wolves we all ...running to Washington to empty the old building of the men and women inside...we line them up ..and march them with their hands on their head down down down to the river.and push them in to the deep see who floats....we make sure they do not come back ashore so because now.nobody owns the land..not for now and not ever again......they went to great lengths to make a monster out of him .mk mj mp  bz
 they rip him apart enough to make him go
 Little Triggers
 he knows this..
he would take his  own life before going little Triggers on what he thought until he thought of where the triggers came

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