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facetaker (cont)/..and the story was whatever was the song

"INT-LAB-DAY",Indis typed
but he could think of little else to write...........about "looks"
and how human disfigurement could change someone not just on the outside but inside as well...how "looks" could make or break someone ...how appearances especially in these telegenic times ...he did the usual research...but became sympathetically over whelmed reading about beauty being  removed instantly by spurned  lovers  who believed their object of desire used their looks as a weapon .Indis read article after article about  acid  thrown in the faces of a starlets and .....

PARIS, France -- Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said he is convinced the dioxin poison that disfigured him was made in a Russian lab, according to an .....


 Neurotronic Disfigurement by Directed Energy -

 Dystonic reaction (the fifth facial nerve) 
 Calcium ion edema (moonface) 
 endoplasmic reticulum of muscle cells that is sarcoplasmic reticulum.
-motor nerve excites muscle fibre/cell,
-action potential generated and moves along sarcolemma(plasma membrane of muscle cells) and reaches deeper parts
-receptor protein(DHP) senses this change and alters its conformation,
-activates RYANODINE receptors,
-these receptors release Ca+2 from sarcoplasmic reticulum.

Indis O 'Say
had both
 read and "heard'
movie already in production of "The Facetaker"
that Parasol Pictures
"decreed" he
write as a novelization...

as Valerie Prentis had stated..."these days nothing "comes out" with out a "tie -in"...a book ,a "trend",a franchise a "happy meal'

the Voice was
moreso than it had been when Indis had written "Let Us Be Conquered'
as Indis
 was in fact bored with the already
 already half filmed  version of "The Face Taker"

Indis had seen "The Facetaker" ads ..Had seen the televised  Previews
but there was no mention of it being filmed as Direct Neural
as Parasol claimed there would be

The Voice assured him that The New Way
of BCI TV was experimental
(and not ...for everyone)
and that The Face Taker
more about Over Preening ....like an old 1950's Hygeine or "Hi -Don't" type of "civic's lesson
or something one might view in Health Class.
what it appeared to be....
and to Indis "The Facetaker" appeared to simply be a rather
tiresome slasher movie

Direct neural Interface was in some ways Indis supposed a Horro film
to those who could not adjust to
to a co -conscious mind
which also demanded
a co -conscious body

according to some "gleaned: insight
there was nothing more gruesome or bothersome
Mind to Mind
Synthesized Tele-"metry
than one who focused on one's own
"it all but ruined" the experience...

psychic driving..
or steering
was apart of co -conscious "living"
Cyber-in Latin meant "to steer"
to be
in the New Way of Manipulated Living was to by driven "steered" by another
which required
for lack of a better term the Avatar to "Clear" themselves
of all
"cumbersome thoughts" that might make "mind reading" a burden rather than an "occasion"
Indis thought for the first time of the word Mind Control
and felt a
dread in him...a terror

and was assured by "his muse" that
HIS particular Communion was SURELY mystical

but Indis still had to research all mechanisms and REASONS for a solicited 
or g-d forbid unsolicited
Mind to Mind Interface
that was "mechanical,electronic" in nature

how Bothersome it would have been for a Steer-er, a Tele -operator, a "mandler"
Be Inside a Human Being who fixated on his appearance

why he just might miss the MARK
of whatever the False but True Presence desired the Guided Soul to accomplish

Indis could not help but think of
a Guided Soul might be used for
a drone.
a puppet
a pawn....

Indis wondered 'aloud" as there was no other way to think now was their...when one was of Open Mind?

what would I do if I had a drone ,a real life flesh "avatar" ...whom I could hear through
see through

would I do every thing that I
could not imagine doing myself.

would I steer my
human husk
commit crimes
commit selfless acts of kindness
for a manned man
soon has little self
be encumbered by ...
as a manned man
is slowly methodically
"taken over"


was it any wonder than that The Face Taker dealt so brutally
"Proxy" who would not or could not relinquish their vanity and self ness

it occurred
to Indis
the FaceTaker...if induced in one imbued with "alterations to mind that provided a 2 way broadcast
or could
the Muse assured him
the pants
 and the
askance ,
perchance                                          or worse deliberate ME ME ME
that is
the thrust of one's outward gaze
fixing or
deliberating SELF
when one
SEES themselves in a mirror or any
 reflective surface

psychic driving...a MUST to BREAK IN .BREAK APART and BREAKTHROUGH
a Co Piloted Consciousness
needed to Impart through this New Impart Technology
that there would be ramifications
not just
via Brain Computer Interface and the madness IT in ITSELF could induce
but also
a Real Time
who might
pluck out the eyes ,the ears ,the face that so offends


FACETAKER sits in one corner of the large sparse room staring at a
COMPUTER SCREEN of a DISFIGURED WOMEN's FACE being adjusted via nano to a beautiful version of "self"
GEO is at what seems to be a 3-d printer ...which is churning out replications
of ear .nose.mouth etc
finished the "print" the mold
GEO wheels a cart of facial design over to FACETAKER who is visibly pleased by the facial prosthetics
                                  (looking closely at the shape of a rendered nose)
                                      extraordinary...tell me again about this "process your friend uses
                                       to make the features so realistic?

                            wendy...an artist I used to date ....very private ...as you can see she has an eye for aesthetics   and symmetry....

                                but also a unique  sense of the necessary asymmetry so the finished
                               (he refers to the split image of the "computerized woman" on the COMPUTER SCREEN) product won't look. Mannequin like.or ....


                                      (studying a 3-d printed model of "ear')
                                         so realistic...as if she can someone's ear off and just...

'                                           (nervous, trying to hide his sense of feeling challenged so he makes a gesture of looking at his watch,he's a busy man GEO is)
                                              she uses a lot of photographs....she's really quite secretive about
                                     her technique...you know artists

                                      actually I don't...know artists..( as if in explanation-he rubs his disfigured face,,,as if
                            in explanation)

FACETAKER'S hand seems to always be "blocking" his facial scars and his disfigured face...aware of this. Aware that  FACETAKER seems ill at ease with GEO close proximity..GEO relaxes(Facetaker can never be a problem .Not with THAT face,perhaps GEO thinks and,,...
stops his own fidgeting and gets closer to FACETAKER

...so when did you meet "this artist"..
          who seems to specialize in ...
                              (getting in very close to facetaker,touching his own face)

oh .In my recent youth i used to hang around the right clubs...the right clubs that let in everyone who one should know  ....keep  right types in .keep the
monsters out...

GEO places his hand on Facetaker's shoulder.an apology for a possible "misinterpreted" remark
FACETAKER seems "warmed by the touch" and the "fumbled' apology..

                                   I would like to meet this artist friend...wendy..it seems ..she is part of the team now ..creating a 'collection "  for the computer. of facial prosthetics  and variations for "the nano bots" to mimic...also (FACETAKER hesitates) I would like someone ....to do something ...
with this  (for the first time FACETAKER seems to make eye contact with GEO and with US and WE see the true "horror" of ..his disfigurement.)with this face....I have photographs of myself from before the accident .I can computer age myself..Wendy can sculpt ...she does I assume sculpt the features ...the models of the facial parts for the 3 d computer...that or she simply "bumps off" goodlooking people to
....steal their faces..

                                               (a rather loud laugh,he places his hand on FACETAKER's shoulder. Leans in close...to face takers un damaged ear.)now that would be something ...wouldn't it...(so close ..to FACETAKER's ear he bites it ,gently...and quickly swerves around grabs his coat

Confused but "touched" in some way by the odd gesture of "closeness" FACETAKER watches GEO leave..there is nothing "sexual" in his gaze of GEO walking back to "his station" near the 3 --d computer. But something veering on "awe" ...

GEO ,now in his coat..removes a nose from the printer.And notices a drop of blood on the "scanning tray' he spits on it an wipes away the blood...and
CLOSE UP of the nose being placed in a baggie along with other noses ,ears   and cheekbones..

opening up a another bag filled with half eaten french fries and hamburger he places the baggfie of facial "pieces" in with the discarded food and simply tosses the lot of "it" in a wastebasket

 FACETAKER is back to his own work making some final adjustments to the nano imagery"of the reconfigured ..woman on the screen...
FACETAKER looks over at GEO,noticably eager for GEO to leave ,GEO comes over to FACETAKER ...and leans in close,too close looking at the "diametric of the projected nano cosmetic surgery...altering the woman's face on the screen to an entirely new but still beautiful 'version" of self..

                 I will speak to Wendy about ..."making you over

 GEO is on the phone...
                            Houston ..we have a problem..

CLOSE UP on FACETAKER's Computer Screen ..
CLOSE UP on FACETAKERS hands pushing keys

CLOSE UP on what appears to bea very tiny "bug" .A SMALL HIDDEN CAMERA in COLLEAGEUE"S BATHROOM
we see the back of COLLEAGUE seemingly looking at his face in the mirror...

the bathroom and the front of COLLEGAUES FACE ...which COLLEAGUE is rubbing,his features are extraordinary looking

CLOSE UP -on another very small camera ..on the ridge of the bathroom mirror's frame

face taker sees the COLLEAGUES face on the screen ...the camera giving a circular.."fisheye" view of the COLLEGUE"s face and form...
on FACETAKER's HAND placing a finger on some button
of the nano dots in COLLEAGUE"S FACE ON the COMPUTER
shifting very fast
in consort with a "shape shift"
of the colleague's now horrible face in the mirror

the COLLEAGUE grabs a straight razor
while FACETAKER ...switches the screen to a search engine
he types in the word "w-e-n-d-y-...sculptress...15 mile vicinity
various names come up. "matching " the key words typed


wendy's apartment is spacious clean and bright white..wendy is voluptuous, sensual sexual...the type one write's songs about "i want a girl in a black leather jacket...".wendy is the type one is afraid to approach in a bar ...
we find wendy in heels a tight skirt in her kitchen removing what first appear to be cookies from a metal sheet in the oven .CLOSE UP.. we see the cooking is some type of process to "tighten up " or harden  various recognizable portions of "a face'
the sections of bone and cartilege...are segmented enough not to appear gross..
or particularly repulsive somehow
nothing a woman like wendy touches ..it should be evident
can ever be somehow construed as 'ugly" or "repulsive'
she is the type ...as many in certain circles that
may see themselves as ....beyond human....and beyond normal laws
or in orders to
"in the between time" of
Human Engineering
feel they have rights above Man
and thus
"pieces" of a Man
to devour and ...or moreso dissect
as mere elements...and recipe
of the The Sociological Experiment of Singularity and the "grey area' of
"for the greater good of Futures in all respects

are smoking a bit ...WENDY makes a pinched nose gesture...we focus on the stove fan ...and the batch of gingerbread men being placed in the oven ,presumably to 'cover up the smell?"knowing what she is doing...it seems she applies something like apoxy to the noses ears cheekbones jaw lines etc...next spraying the facial parts with some type of heavy duty hardware spray type of enamel of some kind ..next some varnish...the phone is ringing ...

                                  what's problem is that honey?everything is
                           just fine on my end
                                 although I think I over baked that hot jock's
                                 the hockey player we played with last tuesday's
                                   jaw line...

over the phone?....you never know who's listening

                        oh so we should whisper ....so "They" ....whoever they is supposedly listening  must listen harder?
   and seriously ...whoever is listening to phone calls ... is listening
 because they like listening. Not because they like intervening....
                     Fugly.wants you to make him
                     'renewed",wants you to FIX HIM.
that you craft ..."the features"..that you're an artist

                I am an artist.there is an art to this...you know..

the camera pulls away from the kitchen to reveal quite an "arty" scene in the next room...
presumably the "remains" ,the faceless remains of the hot jock hockey player..

                         we over hear WENDY on the phone..
                          presumably still talking with GEO

                     calm down...i can easily throw some clay in my hair..
      blow up some photographs...play the part...
 what he doesn't know won't hurt him..
               Or shall we tell him..(she opens up the oven)
                   guy who looks like that probably wouldn't care where
his new face came from...would you? But you're probably right ugly folks
develop all kinds of feelings don't they...to overcome their...lack of
visage don't they...you wouldn't know GEO.I had an ugly friend once...
filled with all sorts of empathy,,emotion....it was terrifying..
(wendy looks at her reflection in a spoon and pushes back her hair.

we CUT to Wendy'


placing her hair under some "take on sculptress
she is actually wearing a black turtleneck sweater....the very same room we have seen earlier
has been transformed into an elaborate studio..
blown up faces on the wall...realistic sketches ...and a very realistic sculpture

that GEO , in suit and tie is looking at..for imperfections...Geo sees an acute imperfection ...that is the human skull...under the clay..the door bell rings...while GEO pats the clay to cover the bone underneath

WENDY opens the door on FACETAKER who is "dolled up" " in suit and tie.,wine in hand..


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