Sunday, June 14, 2015

damien dexter darko

I don't quite bow down to Tru Christie..who is  disappointed    my ....whining about 'the situation"
and breaking all matter of these stories piped right to "my " according to Tru Christie "breaking the 4th wall"...displayed "something rather close to character...and personal integrity..."than 'just Dumbo deliberately trying to back out of "it"

what "it " is I have never had any idea

YOU think Dumbo you are compromising the story..
by 'making Dumbo " the Bad Guy..
we need Dumbo to change ..
away from this "jew-ie" self righteous ness that ALL jews have .about their little tribe..

this is a story about a New Tribe..
that isn't based on some ancient Puff of cloud with a beard in the sky.

but a True Intelligence that "graphs back" to one's prayers...and thus thoughts.
tell me Scumbo ..where is this Jew G-d of yours..?
why hasn't he saved you?

because "He" doesn't exist .

only  little child prays to nothing ..
a man might be wise to pray a bit to those who made him their prey.

don'tcha think  Duh -duh  dummmmbo?

 "do the mini wheat stuff and show yourself as the Mini wheat thing," I graph ..,"or i'll turn on the white noise machine"

"and why do you think you were brought up like Jew  was  Dumbo?' Tru Christie imparts .enjoying the my sense  of "too close ,too close " in terms of thought for thought ..second to second over ridden..Try Christie needs to   remind me of how damn scary this shit  is..and how they could drive me to the ER in "Seconds"

"You fuck with our continuity shmucko..and we'll fuck with yours ...Understand Damien?"

Tru gets all deep sounding.."/graphing ..that my team is attempting to "get rid of the Dumbo" and
and go back to ...the Damien Dexter Darko stuff..that according to my team ...I completely over reacted toward..
and wouldn't I prefer being called Damien rather  than Dumbo like a tough guy.Like a man instead of a child man?

"I'd rather just be called  Dumbo," I begin to think..but think again..

sick of the childishness of just seeing mini wheat men...
and sort of feel I won't over react this time to the Damien  Dexter imbues
like I am being completely ..taken over

to not getting all "Jew-ie" about it.this  time. Like THEY say

Tru Chrisite graphs me some shit about high treason..That the Damien Dexter shit is between us

thye put me in fuckin' jail last time for writing about Damien dexter.

they fuckin ripped mey apartment apert..
drugged me.
lost all my credit..
I hate these people..

my foster parents..
are these people.

I was raised ONLY to be Tru Christie's husk/ science project..


and if I don't like it they can care less..
I know there are other's ..
they say .they graph..there's no way ..I can really have no ideaology about anything at all..
cuz' I was programmed ..just to be this Tommy Walker autistic ..freak
they could play pinball with

and if I should hate anyone it should be myself for fuckin' up my CUES  and REFERNTIALS
by interloping .
by trying to figure it out instead of just naturally responding.

Naturally responding> to  CUES  like baked into your childhood.
does that make any sense?

wouldn't that be the first thing you would fight against?

that wasn't the plan though..
so now they kinda' wan tme dead ..or locked up..or to "get with it'
in spite of me fucking up the Cues ...or knowing about the Cues..
and seeing them now like all over  and film for all the other little Monarch Moppets
who fuckin' hate their "mandlers" as much as I do..if not more.

these are folks who will shove a tampon  in a 12 year old girls face
to make her always remember  some damn song on the radio ..or  image on the tc...
the girl will
respond to  -for no reason- 12 years later when
the song gets remixed ..
or the image on TV becomes -'Hey there...You want to go out for a drink some  time pretty lady?"

why ,she thinks ,HE looks JUST likemthat actor I saw on TV


suddenly she gets nervous...her voice squeaks...she feels she feels childish..somehow ...trapped...

"Yes ..a drink will be nice" she finds herself saying,but the voic edoesn't feel like her own..she ..feels like wringing her hand  like she did  when she was nervous. When she was 12..


 warned and warned  and  warned is all this is.
and someone ..something..
does this.
know what happens?..
you don't cre if ..they do something to you

if they "do .."Martyrs" French mooovie ...cut cut cut on you in real REAL  life ..
to see where you go when you get French horror film   oooooooooooooouch ouch ouch

well..theres a tiny part of you tht says ..
hmmm well I guess they have to go all the way

cuz' I guess someone DOES have to know where one goes ..
mind wise being skinned alive right

and than your find your self thinking...what


..why am I so reasonable about 'this..
noooo this is not where one has to go...
to understand things

man..not even with a cat..or mouse...

NO Damien Dex ...I wouldn't do that to an innocent animal...but Jew"
yes indeeeeedy. Tru Christie graphs..

so of course ...
they make your HZs all like  Slingblade...and you're like ....OK OK..
anything for my country man.

Tru gets all pundy on my pulsations ..and graphs

THAT too is Between us..
the "Martyrs" stuff indiot.
..and also I suppose is
"my team" graphing
 there' being a whole different set of "apps" that
indeed I was warned about that concerning .
being  "sold off' so genome company for my trespasses

a biotech company ...specializing in biological RNA/DNA
stuff...that can literally make "Jew like that black swan sonny boi" and we ain't talking no metaphor ...scumbag...
that maybe they can give me tiny horns and a tail....In fact THEY would very much like to cross  certain boundaries ...I had no business crossing in terms of 'Revvvvvvalations"
synthetic as they might be..
I am shown all kinds of over rides of isis like masked figures...and
little faces in ski masks..
which of course would be a lot better than ...being sold to some bio engineering firm..

g-d only many folks are havin gthis very same exact interface as I least in my demographic..
I graph to Tru..."who the fuck is cares what I type..?" the people at blogger and twitter?
the nSA...and all that?
they ...are into this ...
Blue Gene well..?

"so at least Dex  we're somewhat on the same page," Tru graphs,"in some odd way we understand  one another.."

I suddenly get very confused..and feel my Hzs being shifting to make more as Tru graphs ...more amiable...and easy to deal with..
and that nobody is taking anything away from me when they do so recalibrating but a few brain cells that were effecting
me in a Ruiner like fashion

are we CLEAR with this..

CLEAR..enough I graph..

"not by a fuckin ' long shot' Tru graphs..
and those nasty little hooded faces just are like in every damn negative space they find in my visual cortex..
I am not scared of a violent death...but I am scared of the fly thing

"as well you should be, Breach as you are"

IN breach to who or what dddude..has never quite been explained..
and I feel a tingling behind my ears and a loud tone ..
my arm begins to curl up like a charly horse..
and tru graphs that it's the only way he can get me to "grow" in the right way
like bonsai plant..needs pruning..
as they say in the mooooovie  you traitorous cocksucker ,"it's all for you Damien"

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