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outside in (2003-2011)

Jim Bloom "Inside Somewhere " at Just Folk Gallery ...

Oct 6, 2010 - Susan Baerwald and Marcy Carsey – Just Folk Gallery presents Jim Bloom "Inside Somewhere" opening October 15, 2010 view ...

  • jimbloom small life video and wallhangings

    May 11, 2015 - Posted by Jim Bloom at 12:20 PM No comments: ... Concerned that nano scaled biotech can be introduced into a human organism to manipulate one's senses
  • .your job go to Hollywood..and write things  crazy anti Hollywood  things that we'll mail you.
  •  they will dose you with something..and than you'll be either arrested or placed in a mental hospital.
  • ..in the hospital they'll place things in your blood..unware we got to you first understand ?
  • //"No,"I say
  • .."Good,.they say 'Did you ever see the movie L.A. Confidential..it's a film about  referentials ...cues placed in films...for instance they might place someone who looks like some girl you loved in high school in an elevator before a big interview...
  • Why I ask
  • To fuck with you head.
  •  they might place someone  who looks like a  movie star  who was in films specifically made to
  • cause one to be triggered  by these films
  • .associations..do you understand , Jim? we want to find out who knows about this on the upper level...and what it means.. because this type of cue-ing works  as something called  Gaslighting another...messing with someone's mind ...so as to  have influence, undo influence upon another...people go on dates with people whom they are attracted to right Jim> well If someone knows ..say  a competitor who is involved in some company...what get's you hot ..and than sets you up with some one knowingly to pull your strings ..this is wrong..isn't it  If someone uses tv and film ...someone who looks like someone who represents something or someone in your life ...or from the "life" and character" they depict on the screen..to sway you consciously or consciously ..by placing a person meant to make you think of that character...if this character is placed in your workplace or next door to you...you might feel something funny is going on.but there's more than  something funny that'[s going on..it's called Gangstalking  and Mobbing someone .Do you understand ....?
  •  No ,I say
  • ..Good..than we can use you..the guy says ...we're at the parole office I have to for this half baked attempt to distribute charge .....but this started way before this...with art. and backstory .and how my foster parents raised me knowing this stuff  about Hollywood.. like before I was even born....
  • I don't want to be used I say .and the nice guy in the nice suit says "Nobody likes to be used but they are.All the time..".

  • (2) By implanting nanoparticles in nerve cells in a nematode's head, Arnd Pralle and his team from the State University of New York in Buffalo can make a wriggling worm alter its course when exposed to a magnetic field.Clusters of heated, magnetic nanoparticles targeted to cell membranes can remotely control ion channels, neurons and even animal behavior, according to a paper published by University at Buffalo physicists in Nature Nanotechnology. The research could have broad application, potentially resulting in innovative cancer treatments that remotely manipulate selected proteins or cells in specific tissues, or improved diabetes therapies that remotely stimulate pancreatic cells to release insulin.

    The work also could be applied to the development of new therapies for some neurological disorders, which result from insufficient neuro-stimulation.

    "By developing a method that allows us to use magnetic fields to stimulate cells both in vitro and in vivo, this research will help us unravel the signaling networks that control animal behavior," says Arnd Pralle, PhD, assistant professor of physics in the UB College of Arts and Sciences and senior/corresponding author on the paper.

    The UB researchers demonstrated that their method could open calcium ion channels, activate neurons in cell culture and even manipulate the movements of the tiny nematode, C. elegans.

    "We targeted the nanoparticles near what is the 'mouth' of the worms, called the amphid," explains Pralle. "the worms are crawling around going in one direction; once we turn on the magnetic field, which heats up the nanoparticles to 34 degrees Celsius, most of the worms reverse course. We could use this method to make them go back and forth. Now we need to find out which other behaviors can be controlled this way."

    Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/forum/magnetic-nanoparticles-used-to-alter-behaviour-t27013.html#ixzz2xHxsQfkx

    .... a single treated worm, as well as a whole group, can quickly be triggered to change direction, an untreated worm doesn't alter its behaviour.
    These nematodes are just one example of how living cells can be controlled remotely. By using other hosts, and implanting nanoparticles in ion channels, DNA strands or antibodies, medical treatments could be activated instantly from afar, leading to a new generation of drugs that can be set off with the equivalent of smartphone app.


    they think of me like aworm.I don't try to think of them at all...but this is not so easy..
    before I go to L.A. I have to somehow not let it show..
    I have to look like a drug addict..
    not difficult..except I can't really do drugs..


    Sherman oaks March 2011

    all I have to do is write in this apartment..
    and the words ..come directly in me ear..and sometimes right on the creen
    " don't real it..
    we're doing
    Flowers for Algernon  now..
    but in reverse sort of..
    Evan graphs u know why charly really dies in flowers for Algernon..
    No I graph..
    because he becomes a douchebag ..who doesn't respect his makers.

    ...I read the book years ago..and don't remember that being the reason..
    I recall that the mous eddies of complications first..
    hence the title

    "You dexter ...know why the mous eddies in flowers for Algernon dumbass/ for real?' evan rainy graphs

    "no<" I graph back

    "cayse fuckin mice don't live that long especially in a lab setting..nothing whatsoever to do with Charlie..Remember mid movie and book dumb old chales spout out his ideas on all sort a shit...about the government an dscience and technology an d hollywood...."

    'yeah I graph..

    " nobody wanted to hear that stuff..they kinda' assumed the cocksucker would just be glad he got laid....glad he got a car ...and some  long pants..ya know..?..No Dumbo you don't know ..but ya' shoulda known.."evan graphs

    "so <"I graph..you want me to just post this without lookin at it..

    or fixin the mistakes..

    I feel pain in my shoulder when I begin reading...and than ti tightness around my neck..so I stop and do what they graph.

    that word"handlers' is reserved for the men and women who enjoy "the intelligence  game" which seems to attract a type of person ..
    who hides behind his or her desire to hurt other's with out remousre
    as being "just something" their Special Force
    inside them
    allows them to "do" for a greater good (collateral damage aside stateside or not)for the greater good of the country..
    but they are aslo first to say..there is no country
    that they are the country
    that the entire country is run off grod..by them
    and they answer to no body not even the president
    they explain to me
     since the days of your
     ..some family who somehow raised an army  decide  ..to make land masses countries  their own
    ......and all the citzens that happn to occupy this land NOW OWNED by THEM
    the US and it's teenagers were oddly reminde dthat they were owned by their land mass
    in the 60's.
    and rebelled .and all kinda things were put into place like black ops to make sure this wouldn't happen
    for instance me
    an artist who was told to paint sick depraved anti American art to attract dissident type to my art shows..
    for lists and videos of ..."the type" who went to see anti American art.
    no matter they told me what to paint and sometime s to be honest did the work themslevs and I just signed it..like this(below ) I painted that little man who they said they wanted to look poor and  dirty and ugly and a little like he had a learning disability .....like me....high functioning autist..although my mandlers say again and again...my drs were mistaken that I am LOW functioning autism...which is one reason they call me dumbo..even when they try making me smarter..

    .well in the Vietnam times   all the rich people and rulers got all angry that we had raise da country of FAGGOTS not  willing to die 4 their  country
    but one handler mandler type said face to face ..maybe if you make an entire country be based on cash and capital
       only the people who already have more cash than they know what to do with ..
    win anything..in war
    a mandler says
    we  the mighty USA knew all about Hitler ..
    in the mid 30's and what he was doing.
    the Jews as well
    knew ..(many German Jews ...left..many German Jews to this day feel (or Know) they are superior Jews to the Polish Jews  etc

    OK I graph I think I wrote enuf.

    no dumbo.

    we decide what dumbo does not you


    yes that's all they wanted..nothing more.

    In Gary Rainy's  1982 speech  on" One-ness of Mind" was
    delivered at the Integrity Centre in North Hollywood
    GR  elaborated
           on how survival
          of the species
         only can come
         from "one who dictates "how to be" and thus-how to survive and that Socialistic Nationalism is not National Socialism

     His  lecture (tape 381) concerning "One-ness of Mind"'{citation needed] was sprawling yet more concise than most...
    (transcribed from tape)
      "  without  insects  there would be no flowers  or plants -if the bees, for instance did not respect
          their instincts to hunt and gather  for the "Queen"their would be no Queen and thus no bees,"Gary continued-

    The Jews  have convinced the
    masses that
    any sort of banding together and
    any presentation of  uniformity of thought and uniform identity
                                made transparent
                 by the way
    through our promotion
    of our  symbols,
    our flags
    our logos
    are proudly
    displayed by members
    of "our team",

    not hidden

    Neuronautics is no secret

    We do not hide our
    affinity to cause
    nor attempt to hide the effect we
    desire our causations
    to create.....

    (tape 382)

    Gary Rainy states-
    "I have no racism
     in my blood.
                     I see the individual
                                       only in terms of their
                        "placement" on the
    scale of human Evolve ment

    The Jews
    refuse to evolve.
    They fear any form of "tribe " or "clan"
    unless it is their
    own "brand of belief"
    a belief so ancient
    so facile ..why to these "chosen people" even the "New Testament"
    is considered
                          too magical for
                       this brand of
    serious intellectual
    have always felt
    superior albeit  secretly to any other

    that sees the
    magical presence
    of a true god/man
    Am I against Jews because they are
    limited in their spiritual
    spiritual evolve-ment?
     I am against any group
    who so
    makes a fuss
    congregations other
    than there own.

    The Blacks like the Homosexuals
    are on a
    scale of Human Evolvement
    that has
    limited their
    capacity to
    be fully integrated
    into influence.
    I respect the Blacks who have decided rightly or wrongly to not accept their placement on the Scale of Human Evolve
    their sheer volition to overcome their placement

    and also their
    ingrained spirit to collectively worship,Gary said,
    "Perhaps  so-
    they might "come back"
    in another
    lifetime white in their next incarnation..."

    The Homosexual
    The sexual pervert
    the Deviant
    must also be forgiven
    for their
    limitations of evolvement.
    The poor Homosexuals
    have tried to
    fold their
    limp wrists
    into a fist.

    can help
    who have been
    into lesser
    beings "this time around" so one's emanations ...one's Oneness may  come
    back higher on
    the scales of both
    Human Normality
    and Human Evolve-ment.
    Let it not be
    that I compare
    the plight of the Blacks
    to the illness
    of the Homosexual.
    (tape 283)
    Culver City Ca. Annex
    thrown stones at
    our congregation
     the Homosexual
    now refuses to admit that
    they are diseased
    and thus very low on The Scale of both Human Normalcy and Human Evolve
    Interestingly the  Blacks have shown that they
    can fold into the
    scales of Normalcy
    a unity
    that Neuronautics
    take a lesson or two from........
    failing at Civil
    to open the doors
    to "civic progressiveness"
    They toughened their audacity
    to tear down walls.
    I dare say that
    Neuronautics should
    take heed of their "pantherish"
    vigor that Neuronautics  may soon have to
    than beg for
    Inways to other
    and New Ways of
    Being and
    Perhaps worse than  groups amongst us  born into a situations ingrained
    with a sense
    of resistance to
    Human Evolve-ment
    and Neuronautics
    scientific system of teaching ne
    to lose self ego
    for the sake of future
    human survival
    that  mark my words will extinguish
    itself if
    not corrected 
                                             dictated "mandates"
    of the "right way"were not handed to me on a plate but came to me through my Mind Walks with the great Entity
    these mandates were all about
     beinghood  en masses and not  the self beinghood.
    the 'do your own thing 'days have all but destroyed what is left of this country
    Again think of the insect,
    really the most advanced species on the
    face of the earth,
    mystically attenuated  toward
    self preservation.
    Long after Humans have plundered their
    to use tools to integrate
    the masses into
    splendid harmony
    (of which Parasol Pictures and its unifying
    themes of Neuronatics based
    Egolessness for greater good shares the helm)
    the insect will be around

    Imagine if the insects however had aquired some type
    of sickness
    that bypassed
    their attenuation?
    A sickness that
    made the insect want
    only to exist
    for its individuality,
    a sickness
    that would very
    much be like
    the sickness
    the intellectual, the dissident
    the so-called artist
    is born with.
    some mental defect
         of spirit that
    renders this type of
         person to
    care only about
         their own thoughts
         their own perceptions
         seen, read and heard
    by others
    as to encourage a
         randomness of
    We all saw
    what a randomness of sociological
    attenuation did
    in the late 1960's.
    Men suddenly looked like women women smelled like
    It took over a
    decade of mending
    to bring
    back a natural
    sense of conformity.
    Artists, sick souls
    with only degenerative
    (not all artists, mind you)
    that seek like minds...
    took over the hearts
    and minds of
    the children.
    I remember
    watching Tiny Tim
    on the television
    and crying
    that the end of world
         that indeed
         sooner than
    The sick artist
    The lunatic
    must not be either allowed
    to take over the so-called
    or have asylums except
    in some kind of
    far removed
    from society.
    if the painters paint or this type of writer still  chose
    write their "sicko"
    let their art
    be displayed as
    and symptomology.
    But only shown
         to trained
    so their contagion
    of soul
    infects nobody.
    But others as sick as themselves


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