Friday, June 26, 2015

Implicatives at Parasol Pictures

Linda N. at across from EVAN RAINY far enough away from EVAN that her desire to shake him could be blunted by the boardroom table's length
Why is it writing about direct energy weapons? Linda N .asked
By "it" she referred to Dumbo whose real name she had long forgetten . By "it" Linda referred to the human subject Proxy Cyber had " app. -ed" with Merge bio tech years ago 
so "it"
the human husk
could be of service.
EVAN Rainy was the husk 's OT ...Dumbo's Operating. Tele-Presence and because the link provided by the husk's. Bio tech
that worked with Evan's wearables that provided for a 5 sense Interface
or if need be an over - ride of Dumbo EVAN. 'S Proxy .Evan Was accountable for what Dumbo said , did and wrote.
"He saw something on TV about the Direct Energy and ...."
Evan said
"I know what AND! Evan.." Valerie said "The point is why was he allowed to watch anything besides what you think him he may watch?"
"I sent him very scary images. AND very menacing aural Implcatives and even a jab of pain down his arm,,"
" But NOT a migraine OR seizure?"Valerie snapped
Evan shook his head, "No"
"Do you realize ..IF Dumbo questions the validity of certain world events every thing we want him to do, say and write goes out the window"
Valerie yelled.
" I don't control what 's on the TV Linda I thought you did !" EVAN yelled,regretting what he said ,as soon as the words left his mouth"
"Don"t you ever forget little man I Can have YOU app-ed if can't control your ward"

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