Sunday, June 7, 2015

a reason for "treason"

since none of this technology exists.
and since  it is "all in my head"
I have less and less concern about what I write.
taking solace in the fact that my diagnosis
of thought disorder takes care of any so called treasonous acts
I commit in writing about 'my delusions" of being a Targeted Individual

if hypothetically human experiments were being conducting on united states citizens
without their consent with Direct Energy Weapons purposely created to destroy another's perceptions ,cognitions etc..
I doubt any governing or judicial body could call one made human Guinea Pig  "treasonous" 
those whose job is to capture and hurt another is quite the opposite "job" of the "human organism" held captive whose only objective is to scream as loud as they can "help"-

Denny Pace 5/12/14(notebook 5)

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