Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Showing results for assisted suicide targeted individuals

but there are none.no results.
we must do it our selves.
it will help cement our diagnosis. That we are "unwell' ...that we are "ill" .
that we are "non -sane"
yet to live .to wake up only to be Slow Kill operation for this odd kind of Human testing
seems most insane

 I e-mail  a clinic in Oregon
the amount of (pages) or 'scrolls" I must fill out seems endless
I also do not live in Orgeon
...I just wan tto speak to a DR.is all..to see..if he has ever worked with those who
seek a final exit...from this particular form of "manipulated illness"
if any doctor would or could "touch me case ' with a ten foot pool.
I have the documents from neurologist showing
the trauma the testing has done to my brain..i have the MRI's that show brain  shrinkage done to irradiation.
I have curious blood reports from a Phlebotomist
that also the dr determined had to do with radiant energy..asking me ..if I worked the medical field to explain my exposure to radiation...that has begin tearing RNA strands..
I said no..
I have reports from Los Angeles ,court documents after being "tested' /used in 2011.
and hospital records that demonstrate the effects of several of these tests..wouldn't be difficult to set up residence in Oregon ..but lately I am halving  a much more difficult time getting up.
from the moment I wake up to and during my time of sleep  I feel my muscles tighten..the dystonia that I originally assumed occurred during a car accident..never made sense..not to the neurologist not to me..
I get in touch with another dr who has posted in an a web forum not  at first discussing assisted suicide ..but the strange similar cases of Targeted individuals..
and "yes he has said he has read many accounts and it is terrifying that this is happening ..in secrecy to many many people..I start typing to the dr..that I really wrote to him for assistance..concerning..
being one ..and not wanting to
be any one's Slow Kill' and realize how it all sounds..
my body,my arms cramps up.
soon I won't have the energy to make the contacts  I need to make.
how can out government practice direct weapons testing on it's own people...
and this same government that obviously wants certain people gone...just ..at least make it easier to do.

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